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God Gave Us Angels by Lisa Tawn Bergren

God Gave Us AngelsBook Description:
“What do angels do all day, Papa?”
When Papa finds Little Cub looking for angels, it gives him a chance to tell his beloved child about those that may be in their midst, even when they can’t be seen.  Exploring their exhilarating Arctic world as they talk, Papa lovingly answers all of Little Cub’s questions about angels—and as usual, she has a lot. She wants to know what they do, how they look, how they guard God’s loved ones, and best of all, how they serve the Creator of the world.  
“God really created angels to serve him more than us, Little Cub.
They love him and would do anything for him.”
This uplifting tale will encourage young hearts by exploring the glory and design of God’s messengers, while turning toward him with praise.    

My Thoughts:
This was a cute book!  Papa and Little Cub are talking about angels as they explore.  They talk about how angels were made by God to serve and worship him.  That there are angels do guard us and help us.  We do not pray to angels but to God because he is their boss.  I just loved how the book flowed and told all the information as the story progressed.  It wasn't like a book that you feel like you are being taught but instead are being told a story with an awesome amount of information.  The author did a great job with this one.  My 4 year old and 6 year old both immensely enjoyed it.
A 5/5 for me!  It was absolutely adorable and taught lessons throughout.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Sweetest Story Bible for Toddlers

Book Description:

Toddler edition of a popular storybook Bible designed just for little girls!
The sweetest things surround a little girl's life: hearts and flowers, kittens and puppies, umbrellas and tea parties, kisses and hugs. But the sweetest thing of all in her life is God's love. The Sweetest Story Bible for Toddlers includes eight beloved Bible stories that show how much God loves his people and every little girl. This board book includes a padded cover, perfect for reading with little ones.

My Thoughts:
This is a cute little Bible Story Book.  I got it and read it with my 4 year old girl.  She really enjoyed the stories and they were easy for her to understand.  I do with they had included a bit about why Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden.  She wasn't happy that there wasn't information on Jonah, but the stories that were there she really liked.  The stories were well aligned with what scripture says.
This was a 3/5 for us.  I liked the simple stories, but there were some of the bigger things that were missing from these stories.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book (via BookLook).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Monday, December 8, 2014

XOXO Release!

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR TWO WEEKS! 16 New Adult Stories from 16 of your favorite New Adult Authors Find your next book boyfriend here.
Barnes and Noble:
Featuring MY UNEXPECTED FOREVER by USA and NYT Bestselling Author Heidi McLaughlin They say you should expect the unexpected, I didn't realize my unexpected would be the forever kind. FOR EVERLY by Raine Thomas The last thing physical therapy student Everly Wallace wants is a relationship, but when she’s roped into working with sexy Major League pitcher Cole Parker, she’ll discover that it just might be the one thing she needs. INDELIBLE by Bethany Lopez Sam's a single mom, working her way through college while raising her toddler. Judd's a college baseball player, who on the outside, looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. Can two people at different stages in their life find a way to make a life together? TATTOOED DOTS by Kimberly Knight Brooke and Easton learn that people are brought into their lives for many reasons. Over time, they find out what those reasons are. Some are to be a temporary acquaintance while others are there for life. MANGLED HEARTS by Felicia Tatum Can two loves find their way back to each other despite an addiction and a hardened heart, allowing their love to overcome it all? Can these mangled hearts be mended? BREAKDOWN by Amanda Lance After Charlotte Ferro's suicide attempt is ruined by a handsome do-gooder he introduces her to a world of fast cars and cool criminals. But can their newfound friendship survive the secrets of their past? MAVERICK by Anna Cruise International surf sensation Kellen Handler has it all – fame and fortune and more women than he can count – but he's riding his own personal wave toward disaster. Can PR genius Gina Bellori rescue his reputation...and his heart? DO ANYTHING by Wendy Owens A broken heart is only the beginning for her. He thinks he has his life figured out. Will they risk their hearts on a new chance at love? RESIST ME by A.O. Peart Ethan, a former-Marine-turned-firefighter, has never really cared for any woman, while living his life to the fullest and enjoying the bad boy stigma. Until the street-smart Lisbeth comes along, and instantly turns Ethan’s world upside down, making him want to protect her, no matter the consequences. THE MAN TEST by Amanda Aksel Couple therapist Marin Johns tries to prove that all men are liars and cheaters by beginning a fictitious relationship. Will her new "boyfriend" be the statistic or will Marin regret the satisfaction of being right? A RISK WORTH TAKING by Heather Hildenbrand For college grad, Summer Stafford, watching her parents’ divorce has taught her that, above all, love is a risk. For a drifter like Ford O’Neal, love isn’t just a risk, it isn’t even on the table. But attraction quickly leads to something more and they are both forced to realize they’re risking a whole lot for a summer fling. UNINTENTIONAL VIRGIN by A.J. Bennett Nineteen-year-old Karma points is cursed. Cursed with a ridiculous name, self-esteem issues and the inability to lose her virginity. That is until Jax, the tattooed bouncer, comes into the picture. THE FALL OF SKY (PART ONE) by Alexia Purdy Singing duo Audrey and Liv Westing hope to be discovered as the next big thing. While fumbling through their turbulent existences, they attract the eye of a deadly but powerful Cartel family. A FIREFIGHTER'S FLAME by Dani Hart If you dig into the deepest parts of your soul, what would you find? Happiness,pain, love, regret, peace, sorrow? Follow Lennox's journey of rediscovery, falling in love, and searching for her own fairy-tale ending. STEALING PROMISES by Brina Courtney One moment can change your life forever. One moment to find love. One moment to lose it. FIRESIDE SERIES by Morgan Black A cowboy with a mysterious past. A ranch princess with an eye for the one she can’t have. What happens when their two world collides one weekend in a snowstorm?  
Barnes and Noble:

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Interview of author Simon James House!!!

AW: Tell us about

I was born in the small village of Belvedere just on the edge of South East London. I

divide my time between the UK and Australia and am currently living in Sydney. As a

teen, I enjoyed break dancing and performed professionally in London. These days, my

passions are surfing and writing.

In 2011, I created and designed the classic surf/skateboard FreeForma bike,  which

infuses the art of surfing and skating in a motorized experience. I started FreeForma

Apparel in 2012, a 100% Organic Street Clothing line.  

In March 2014, I published Book 1 of the Andee The Aquanaut Trilogy, Andee The

Aquanaut: Guardian of the Great Seas followed by Book 2 in September, Andee The

Aquanaut: All Great Things Start with Small Beginnings. Book 3 will be released in

December 2014.

I'm also active in marine-life causes and donate a percentage of profits from sales of the

Andee The Aquanaut Trilogy to organizations worldwide.

AW: What genre do you write and why?

I started writing children's books as a way to bring my love as well as my passion for

conservation of the oceans and sea creatures to children everywhere. I believe that

superhero characters empower children and help them build strong self-esteems.

Andee is a unique superhero for marine life and I hope he inspires kids to learn more

about the ocean waters and preservation methods.
Displaying Andee The Aquanaut Guardian of the Great Seas m.jpg

AW: Tell us about your book….

Andee the Aquanaut is a Trilogy. Books 1 and 2 are currently available. The story is a

superhero action adventure about a young boy named Andee who lives with his marine

biologist parents on a small island. His life is idyllic until one day, a terrific storm hits the

island and sends him out to sea. He is separated from his parents and rescued by

young dolphins, Tingo and Tango who welcome him as part of their family. Andee is in

for a big surprise when he discovers he is the Chosen One destined to protect the

creatures of the seas. He is granted special powers allowing him to be one of the great

and legendary Aquanauts of the Marine Kingdom; the Lost City. He's sent on quests

and adventures by the Wise White Dolphin and confronts turmoil and dark and evil

forces in his role as superhero.  The book is a fast action adventure story for children

ages 8 through 16.

AW: What was your inspiration for this book?

Andee himself! The character just spoke to me and I found myself drawing  Andee and

then studying him and thinking, I really want to write about this guy and bring him to life!

AW: Do you have a favorite character and why that one? 

I think the Andee character was based on me. I have always loved the ocean and

wanted to be able to breathe underwater since I was a small child. I would have loved to

have been Andee. I guess that’s why I enjoy writing about him so much.

AW: Did you find anything particularly difficult in writing this book? 

I try not to over think my writing. I have a very vivid imagination and photographic

memory and need to imagine the story in my mind as if I am watching a film. Whenever

I get stuck in writing, I just take a break and the writing flows again.

AW: What project(s) are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on the Andee the Aquanaut trilogy books in Audio book format, It

is going extremely well indeed! Book 2, “All Great Things Start With Small Beginnings”

is action packed, full of adventure and fast paced. I'm working with some amazingly

talented voice actors that are truly bringing all of the characters to life.

AW: Do you have any interesting writing quirks you want to tell us about?

I spend a lot of time daydreaming about my story and what I'm going to write. I'll get

eureka moments while standing on my head doing a yoga pose and need to grab a pen.

I generally write afternoons to evening; this is when I'm most at Zen with myself and can

really get into the story and play the characters out in my wired head!

AW: Do you have any advice for writers out there? 

Be creative and don’t try too hard.  Just let it flow and let the story unfold in your mind.

Spend some weeks just thinking about the characters; their voices, how they sound,

how they will act and what they stand for.  Bring it all to life in your mind like a movie

trailer before you begin to write a single word. Then sit down at your laptop and watch it

all pour out onto the screen.

AW: Where can we find you? 

The Andee The Aquanaut website is and

you can find me on Facebook at,

Twitter at

and on Goodreads at

AW: And of course we have to know, where can we find your book?

The Books 1 and 2 are available on Amazon in digital format.



Book 1 has just been released in print and audio on Amazon. Book 3 is currently in


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Full Throttle by Julie Ann Walker

Book Description:

New York Times bestselling author Julie Ann Walker continues to thrill readers with her sexy Black Knights, Inc. romantic suspense series. Behind the facade of their tricked-out motorcycle shop is a covert team comprised of the most elite ex-military specialists. 
"Edgy, Alpha, and downright hot!" – USA Today Bestselling Author Catherine Mann
She Needs a Hero... Abby Thompson didn't sign up to be the daughter of the President of the United States. The position was forced on her by the small matter of her birth. Preferring a quiet life of study, she's content to leave the politics and the international intrigue to her father. Unfortunately, the most powerful man on the planet is sure to make enemies. When a group of armed thugs takes her hostage half a world away, demanding the U.S. government release prisoners in exchange for her safe return, she fears her father's policy of "not negotiating with terrorists" means she'll never see the shores of the Potomac again. Luckily, there's one glimmer of hope. His name is Carlos Soto. And though she abruptly ended things with him years ago, she knows now he's the only man who can save her...
Black Knights, Inc. to the Rescue... Carlos "Steady" Soto has taken part in his fair share of dangerous missions working at the covert government defense firm of Black Knights Inc. But nothing prepared him for the emotional rollercoaster he faces when he's tasked with rescuing the only woman he ever loved-who also broke his heart. Racing against time and outmaneuvering a group of trained terrorists will take everything he's got. Plus there's the heat simmering between them which is threatening to ignite into an inferno. While ruthless enemies stalk them, they must learn to trust each other again. Even if they do make it out alive, will Abby turn her back on him... for the second time?
My Thoughts:
Pretty good book.  Ever since his sister was killed in a bombing, Carlos Soto aka Steady, has been moving on and saving lives.  Abby's father is the president of the US and she was there when Carlos' sister was murdered in the bombing.  Now, he is back in her life after 8 years but in an official capacity.  A threat has been made against a daughter of the president and he called in his special unit for protection in addition to the secret service.  Now she needs the special unit to live up to her father's expectations and save her.  She knows one of the team that will stop at nothing to get her back after she is kidnapped.
I really liked how the author linked the past and present in this book.  Both Carlos and Abby were attracted to each other in the past but she was 'too much younger', not to mention the daughter of the future president.  When she is kidnapped, she KNOWS he is coming for her.  Carlos would do anything for her, even give up his life.  He loves the men he works with like brothers and treats them accordingly.  I also liked the secondary story line that went on through the book but did tie in with the main one.
It was a 3/5 for me.  I thought the ending was a bit abrupt, especially given what happened between the two of them.
Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book (via netgalley).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Her Christmas Guardian by Shirlee McCoy

Book Description:


Former army ranger Boone Anderson immediately senses danger when he spots Scout Cramer and her precious little girl while holiday shopping. Then two cars suddenly give chase in the parking lot—kidnapping the child. His worst suspicions are confirmed, and professional instincts propel him into action. Having lost his own infant daughter years before, Boone is determined to reunite the beautiful single mother and her missing child. But when a secret from Scout's past finally catches up to her, she must work with her self-appointed guardian to save her daughter. Before the kidnappers cancel Christmas for all of them…permanently.

Mission: Rescue—No job is too dangerous for these fearless heroes

My Thoughts:
This was a good one that I was excited to read.  Boone isn't a stranger when it comes to danger and he can see it in the woman's eyes.  She didn't ask for his help but she definitely needs it.  He doesn't hesitate when he sees her being followed out of the parking lot, but follows the cars following her.  Problem is, he isn't in time and Scout's daughter is taken while she is hurt.  Now his team is going to help her find her missing daughter and get her back.
I loved Boone in the series and am glad to see his book now.  I don't think there could have been a more perfect woman for him than Scout.   While she has secrets in her past that she would love to stay there, she doesn't hesitate to tell it when it could be beneficial to finding her baby.  The team that Boone works with is awesome and I can't wait to read more of their stories.
Absolutely a 5/5.  Loved this book (and the series).
Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Plush Bible Collection, NIrV

Book Description:
The Plush Bible Collection, NIrV uses a similar size and readability as the popular Thinline Bible, now available in the New International Reader's Version (NIrV). This Bible has a soft plush cover, designed especially for kids. The NIrV is based on the NIV translation and is written at a third-grade reading level—perfect for children learning to read.

My Thoughts:
With this Bible, I engaged the help of my 11 year old niece.  It came in while she was with me and she absolutely LOVED the cover and how 'fuzzy' it was.  So, I had her look through it to give me a young girl's perspective.  I looked through it and read certain passages and really liked the whole layout, but since it is 'aimed' at her age group, I wanted her opinion.
She not only liked the cover (which honestly is what drew her in at first), but she sat down and read it.  Over and over she commented how she liked how it made things easier to understand and that she didn't have a problem at all following along with the stories or with difficult words.  I liked that it pulled her in with looks and got her to reading God's word in a way that was easy for her.  
This is an absolute 5/5 for us!  I would recommend this for any young girl!!!
Thank you to the publisher for the review copy (via BookLook).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Rain & Dreams Cover Reveal!!!

Displaying Rain&Dreams Banner.jpg

Displaying Rain and Dreams_ebooksm.jpgTitle: The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams
Series: The Legend of the Archangel book 4
Author: L.L. Hunter
Genre: YA paranormal romance/ urban fantasy
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and photography
Release Date: January 31st 2015
Formats: eBook and Paperback

Thirty- nine days ago Dyston disappeared, and the world suffered for it. Scarlett doesn’t understand why he had to leave, but Dyston is being haunted by the demons of his past, and also the truth of what he is – he is tainted.
But leaving is also a ploy.
Dyston can’t let Scarlett find out the real reason for his leaving, for if she does find out, he fears she could never forgive him. In the search for the missing journals of the nine archangels, Dyston also discovers some things he didn’t know about himself. But little does he know, the one journal he can’t find lies with his heart.
Will Dyston be able to forgive himself and return to his loved ones, or will he hide away forever? 
In the fourth installment of the Legend of the Archangel series, will love prevail over darkness?
Pre-order your copy now!
Stalk links:
Instagram: @llhunter
Google +:

Displaying ladyamber_booktours.jpg

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tainted Energy by Lynn Vroman

Tainted EnergyBook Description:
For seventeen-year-old Lena, living in the trailer park with the rest of town’s throwaways isn’t exactly paradise. Dealing with a drunken father who can't keep his fists to himself doesn’t help matters either. The only good thing in her life, other than track, is the mysterious man who visits her dreams, promising to find her.
When a chair burns her arms, Lena chalks it up to stress-induced crazy. Yet as bizarre incidents escalate, even being crazy can’t explain it all away… until one day dream guy does find her.
Tarek lost Lena seventeen years ago after she was accused of treason and marked Tainted. He finally discovers her reborn on Earth into a life of suffering as punishment for her crime. However, someone else has already found her… and wants her dead. Willing to sacrifice everything, he fights to keep her safe so she can live the only life she’s ever known—even if that life doesn’t include him.

My Thoughts:
This book pulled me in from the first page.  Lena is a 17 year old, eagerly awaiting the day she turns 18.  Not for the normal teenage reasons but so she can escape the torture she has lived in her whole life.  What she doesn't know is that the life she is living now is punishment for a life she lived before.  Tarek has been searching for Lena for the past 17 years and finally found her, only so did someone else.
I have to start out by saying that the author did a great job with the characters.  They were relateable and well written, not unrealistic and forced.  Lena is freaked out by what has started happening to her, Tarek has to protect her.  Her best friend, her boss, the lunch lady and others are her support and protection that she doesn't even realize.  The love between Tarek and Lena is the same from their previous life together but so different.  She knows him from her dreams but she now lives this human life, not their life together.    Solid 4/5.  I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author!

Thank you to the publisher/author for the review copy of this book (via Lady Amber's Tours).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

#Tour: Rumble Young Man Rumble by Dante Zuniga-West #Hosted @Crossroadreview

Rumble Young Man Rumble is a modern coming of age story. I wrote it because as a young man I did not identify with any of the iconic coming of age stories people gave me. I don’t think any of my peers did either. It’s 2014, hand your average American 20 year old a copy of Catcher in the Rye and see if they get past the first couple pages… they won’t. It’s sad, because Catcher is a great book, but it just doesn’t speak to the experience of growing up now. There aren’t too many books that do. When I taught high school English, it became glaringly apparent that my students were suffering from a similar lack of literature they could identify with. When I taught undergrads in college, I found the same thing to be true. In America, we no longer come of age in our teenage years: we come of age in our mid twenties with far more access and danger around us. I wrote Rumble Young Man Rumble to renew the dialogue of the genre.
I wrote it to reach out to the young men and women who, unfortunately, look at books like they are things that belong on a dusty library shelf.
On a more personal note, I wanted Rumble to be a story about love, loss, and prizefighting, all things I find to be infinitely fascinating and quite similar to each other.
Who do you think would be most affected by or touched by this work?

It is my hope that this book finds its way into the hands of sensitive and angry young men who are learning to become adults. I think that they would be the most touched by this story. I also think people who’ve never given ring fighting a second thought but had the courage to pick up this book will be incredibly surprised at the complexity and emotion portrayed in this story with regard to fighting. It is a book that, if you can look past some of the raw grit, can transcend age and gender variables.