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Cowboy Bodyguard by Dana Mentink

About the Book

cowboy bodygaurd
Title: Cowboy Bodyguard
Author: Dana Mentink
Genre: Western, Mystery
Release Date: July 3, 2018
In this Gold Country Cowboys novel, Jack Thorn gets a surprise call from the woman he married in secret years ago. Shannon Livingston needs his protection for herself and the baby she’s hiding from a biker gang targeting the mother. Now Jack must help Shannon, even if shielding her means pretending to be a true husband to the only woman he’s ever loved.
My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this book.  The series has pulled me in with this family.  This book was different from the others in that I felt there was less of a romantic element and more suspense.  I was rooting for Shannon at the start with her trying to help the young girl and her baby.
I felt terrible for Jack.  I have liked him through all the book, the quiet brother.  Now to hear the back story and how Shannon really didn't have a reason other than selfishness to leave him made me somewhat dislike her.  The bikers were harsh and realistic, as was the danger.  I still love the family here and enjoy following them.  The ending was what I was hoping for but felt a bit rushed.
It was a 4/5 for me.  
Thank you to the author/publisher for the review copy of this book (via Celebrate Lit).  I received this book in exchang for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Guest Post from Dana Mentink

I’ve spent a bit of time in emergency rooms lately. Not to complain, mind you. The asthma related treatments worked like a charm and we were blessed by good care, so I am not grateful. There’s a bonus, too. The emergency room is a great place for people watching! Hour upon hour I spent surveying patients, relatives, nurses and doctors. I came away pondering what it must be like to work in the strange bustle that is an emergency room. That’s where character Shannon Livingston was born.

The E.R doc and nurses must be brilliant problem solvers with nerves of steel because they never know what will roll through their doors. Since they are not responsible for follow up care, they have only a short term relationship with their patients. But what would happen, my fictional mind wanted to know, if one emergency room treatment ensnared Shannon in a “run for your life” scenario? And what if her incredible life saving skills weren’t nearly enough to save her own life, or the baby she’s suddenly become responsible for? Ah me! The perfect scenario for a suspense novel, no? I hope you enjoy Cowboy Bodyguard. I can promise it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

About the Author

Dana MentinkDana’s Bio: Dana Mentink is a two time American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award winner, a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award and a Holt Medallion winner. She is a national bestselling author of over thirty five titles in the suspense and lighthearted romance genres. She is pleased to write for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Heartwarming and Harvest House. Dana was thrilled to be a semi-finalist in the Jeanne Robertson Comedy With Class Competition. Besides writing, she busies herself teaching third grade. Mostly, she loves to be home with Papa Bear, teen bear cubs affectionately nicknamed Yogi and Boo Boo, Junie, the nutty terrier, a chubby box turtle and a feisty parakeet. You can connect with Dana via her website at, on Facebook, YouTube (Author Dana Mentink) and Instagram (dana_mentink.)

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A Taste of Your Own Magic by Katie Salidas

A Taste of Your Own Magic (Agents of A.S.S.E.T. #2)Book Description:
Sage Cynwrig has finally accepted her destiny and joined ASSET. With the sharp-tongued, machete wielding Grey Maddox as her partner, she’s ready to put her magical immunity to the test. 
As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. 

Just when Sage thinks she’s getting the hang of this whole agent thing, smooth-talking Djinn named Luke moves in, right next door to her apartment. As if she needed anymore magical men making her life a living hell. His arrival coincides with a number of strange disappearances in the supernatural community. 

It’s all hands on deck at ASSET as rumors from the underground suggest that the missing creatures are part of a magical recipe. Someone’s attempting to recreate the lost Amulet of Emmuri: an artifact of legend capable of bestowing the power of the gods on whomever wears it. 

With a little help from her street-wise vampire informant, Zack, Sage is able to pinpoint the malevolent force orchestrating this devious scheme. But just as she closes in, her human roommate Matt is pulled into the fray, and everything gets personal. 

Stop the Amulet from being completed, or save her best friend? With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, either choice will force Sage to break the very magical laws she's supposed to uphold.

My Thoughts:
I loved book one of the ASSET series and couldn't wait for this book. Sage is torn about being an agent for ASSET but really knows she is going to accept. Her partner is of course, the one and only, Grey. I really do adore that fedora wearing overbearing agent. He is just what Sage needs but the two of them fight worse than an old married couple.
Matt is still my favorite character, and I like his boyfriend Josh a lot. Luke has me confused but I want to see more of him because I think he is a good guy. The new characters added to the mix was great. There were some intense emotions in the book. Huge laughter, stubbornness, hurt, betrayal, and more.  The story was one I didn't put down at all once I started, I had to finish it. I love that I'm left looking forward to what happens to the characters next, but at the same time, I want to know NOW. 
It is a 5/5. Read the first book and then devour this one!
Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

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Knuckle Down by Chantal Fernando

Book Description

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Cursed Labyrinth by Alexia Purdy

The Cursed Labyrinth (Accursed Archangels #2)Book Description:
This is Book 2 of the Accursed Archangels Series 

Thalia Brennan is lost within the legendary labyrinth realm called the Skein alongside the archangel, Ereziel. Encountering different beings and enchanted locations, they must find a way out. It’s rumored there’s a doorway into heaven from here, but no one knows exactly where it is. Thalia is certain the gate doesn’t exist until she stumbles upon a young girl who’s also lost. She didn’t come from Earth. She came from the Heaven’s gate and must be returned. 

The creatures of the Skein Labyrinth can be terrifying than those of Earth, Heaven, or Hell. When the three companions make their way to the outer rings to find the gateway to Heaven, they discover there’s more here than meets the eye and being a native might have its advantages. Being hunted by those who’ve heard Thalia has the only key to escape, the trio scramble to find the portal back to Earth, or the gate to Heaven before becoming imprisoned in this strange realm forever. 

Accursed Archangels is a young adult urban fantasy series which will appeal to readers of paranormal romance, vampires, reverse harems, angels, demons, and supernatural lore. 

My Thoughts:
This is such an original series! Cursed Labyrinth is the second book in this series and really, to understand it, you need to have read the first book.  This book picks up right where the last one left off with our three characters now in the Skein.  The land is nothing like they expected and has dangers Thalia never anticipated having to contend with.
I really liked the new characters added. The storyline continued to be original and keep my attention from start to finish. There is a mix as far as the new land is concerned for me.  It was super creepy and dangerous but at the same time, it was Thalia's homeland. Her seeing where she came from and what she could have grown up in, made a difference in her character. With now four guys to choose from (or not) I really am intrigued by Thalia and her group of men.
It was a 4/5 for me.  I cannot wait to see where the author takes the story next.

Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

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Nailed: Resort To Murder II Book Trailer Blitz

About the Book:

Author: Avery Daniels
Publisher: Blazing Sword Publishing, Ltd.
Pages: 284
Genre: Cozy Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

Julienne is snow bound in the middle of the Rocky Mountains with a killer striking at will.
Julienne LaMere gets to attend a Resort Management conference at a prestigious ski resort in the Colorado Mountains. What should be an enjoyable getaway attending workshops by day and shopping and enjoying the resort by night comes to a screeching halt when a loud-mouthed guest is murdered plus the roads and town shut down for an epic blizzard.

In addition to attending the conference, dodging a smitten teen boy, and seeking clues among the gossiping - and increasingly tense - guests, her best friend’s heart has warmed to an unlikely man and may get broken. As if her mind isn’t already fully occupied, Julienne and her new boyfriend Mason are skiing down troubled slopes in their relationship. Will Julienne put the scant clues together and unveil the culprit before a murderer gets away?


Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

Book Excerpt:

Alpine Sun Resort had touches of the classic white exterior with alpine timber framing and balconies fitted with window boxes for flowers in spring and summer.  Aspens and evergreens surrounded the sides and back where a stream meandered past. The research I’d compiled hadn’t done it justice.  I felt like I’d been transported to a luxury version of a Brothers Grimm fairytale.

To the right of the entrance driveway stood a large snowman around six feet tall sporting a top hat, with a tree branch speared through its head, and a bright blood red scarf around its neck greeted me.  It seemed gruesome to me and a feeling of dread washed over me.
“A slice of Germany.  Feels quaint and cozy, don’t you think?  Hope they have a German hunk available.” Porsche smiled.

“If there’s one on this entire mountain, I’m sure you’ll find him.”  Porsche attracted men with her sense of assurance and she changed boyfriends as often as her nail polish.

“With any luck.”  She winked.  “You know me, I’ll find a diversion.  Don’t worry about me entertaining myself.”

A uniformed valet was opening my car door before I could register his presence.  At the entrance, I turned and drank in the view with a deep breath tinged with the scent of pine.  The snow-draped ski slopes to the one side and the quaint town on the other were idyllic. 
The ominous sky, roiling gunmetal and smoky gray clouds choking out the sun, was the only blemish in the lovely tableau stretched before me.  This storm system was setting up to give us a good dump of powder and the skiers would be thrilled.  I wasn’t too concerned.  The roads were usually the main issue.  Colorado is fortunate to only occasionally experience road closures.

About the Author

Avery Daniels was born and raised in Colorado, graduated from college with a degree in business administration and has worked in fortune 500 companies and Department of Defense her entire life. Her most eventful job was apartment management for 352 units. She still resides in Colorado with two brother black cats as her spirited companions. She volunteers for a cat shelter, enjoys scrapbooking and card making, photography, and painting in watercolor and acrylic. She inherited a love for reading from her mother and grandmother and grew up talking about books at the dinner table.




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Brimstone Spotlight

BRIMSTONE by John Allen, Historical/Women Sleuths/ Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, 336 pp., $9.99 (paperback) $2.99 (Kindle)

Author: John Allen
Publisher: Allen & Allen Semiotics Inc.
Pages: 224
Genre: Historical Fiction/Women Sleuths/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Author John Allen has a theory about the creator of Sherlock Holmes:

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did not create Holmes. It was Doyle’s wife, Louise Hawkins Conan Doyle, who gave birth to the beloved sleuth.

Allen has put his beliefs to the test, writing and publishing the first of a projected 12-novel series of Holmes mysteries titled BRIMSTONE. His detective is Louise Hawkins Conan Doyle, and Allen names her as the author of the tale he presents, set in 1879 Bristol, England.

In a previous book, SHADOW WOMAN, Allen set out to prove that Louise was the true creator of Sherlock Holmes. The inspiration for his startling and controversial theory of authorship was a 1980s essay by Martin Gardner called “The Irrelevance of Arthur Conan Doyle.” Gardner claimed that Arthur was “too gullible and to easily duped to have created Sherlock Holmes.”

Allen determined that Gardner was correct, but Gardner identified no alternative author. Allen continues, “So I decided to give it a try. I came to suspect Louise as the actual author, but I lacked the knowledge and tools to make a solid case.”

Then the Internet came along, giving Allen a valuable research tool. He became convinced that Louise did in fact create Sherlock Holmes. Allen presented his case in SHADOW WOMAN, which was published in 2017. To further advance Louise as Holmes’s creator, to give her the credit he believes she is due, he is now featuring her in a series of mystery novels, the first of which is BRIMSTONE.

As if Allen hadn’t set the bar too high already, he has added a subtext to BRIMSTONE that explores contemporary wrongful convictions through his Victorian thrillers.
BRIMSTONE brims with appeal to multiple audiences, from lovers of detective stories to those interested in justice for the wrongfully convicted. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.



Judge Blair modified the contempt penalty imposed on Louise to time already served. Detective John Reeves, eager to inform her that she was free, was surprised when she insisted on serving the entire seven-day sentence. He hesitantly asked if she would mind him calling on her, once matters settled, but she did not respond. He reproached himself for such an untimely and selfish intrusion, and vowed to never again disturb her, to spend his time instead searching for the man with the dent in his forehead.
Upon learning of Louise’s lack of appreciation for his mercy, Judge Blair declared her in trespass of Crown property and ordered that she be removed, with force if necessary. Three jailers tried, but she thrust her arms between the bars and interlocked her fingers. As the two men pulled Louise from behind, the matron attempted to pry apart Louise’s fingers, but stopped in horror at the snap of a knuckle and a scream of pain.
Dr. Daniel Weston arrived within the hour. After removing his silk-lined bowler and installing his pince-nez spectacles upon the bridge of his nose, he examined Louise’s injuries. He set the obviously dislocated small finger of her right hand, splinting it and taping it to the two adjoining fingers. He applied an ointment to the burns on her left hand, then rebandaged it. He told her that her ankle was healing more slowly than expected, that she might have broken a bone, and he wrapped the ankle tightly for her, advising that her foot should be in a cast and that she should keep off it as much as possible.
Her nose was definitely broken and must soon be set, he said, lest it be deformed forever. Informing her that the procedure would be quick but painful, he offered several doses of laudanum, which she accepted. Despite the sedative and her resolution to be stoic, she screamed for a second time when the doctor put his hands on either side of her nose and snapped it left, then right, to reset the bone and cartilage.
“It will be nearly perfect when it heals,” he told her. He suspected the renewed bruises around her eyes would be spectacular for several weeks.

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Good luck everyone!


John Allen was born in Long Beach, CA. An engineer “by education, training, and experience,” he describes himself as “a recovering engineer.”  He left engineering to become the junior partner in Allen & Allen Semiotics Inc., a corporation that his wife, Lynn, launched for their diversified home business. Their projects include designing databases for mid-sized companies. John Allen holds a BS from the United States Air Force Academy, an MS from the University of Southern California, and an MA from the University of California, Riverside.

You can visit his website at


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The Navy Seal's Match by Amber Leigh Williams

Navy SEAL's Match (Fairhope, Alabama #6)Book Description:
He believes he can’t be saved—she’ll prove him wrong!

Former SEAL Gavin Savitt always knew who he was—until his last deployment ended tragically. Now he’s home, his mind hijacked by trauma and the shadow of his once-perfect sight. Yet in this new hazy, unclear world, one person stands out—Mavis Bracken.

There are a million reasons why Gavin shouldn’t be with Mavis, including that she’s his best friend’s little sister. Yet he longs for her touch, her freckles and her special way with wild, skittish beasts like him. He just needs the courage to take his life back. And Mavis won’t let him give up without a fight.

My Thoughts:
I really do enjoy this series.  Ms. Williams has broughtto life a group of characters that I just love catching up with. Gavin has come back home.  He didn't want to but he really couldn't put it off any longer. His military career is gone and so is his sight.  What he didn't expect was Mavis.
Mavis is one of his best friend's little sisters, only now she is all grown up. Growing up, they had spent significant time together but she hadn't ever looked like she looks now. She is the only one who seems to get him and even if he doesn't completely understand her nuances, they click. I liked how she helped him, even when he pushed her away.  I also like that he accepted her for herself without trying to change her.
It was a 4/5. I really do like this series! 

Thank you to the publisher/author for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Thrax by Christina Bauer (audiobook)

Thrax (Angelbound Origins #4)
Genre: YA Supernatural
Audiobook Release Date: May 18th 2018
Monster House Books


"I’m blown away by the intricate and magical world that Christina Bauer has created.” - SolaFide Publishing

Myla Lewis has married Prince Lincoln, and now they’re expecting! All the after-realms rejoice. Myla should be happy too, but she has a serious problem. The day after their honeymoon ended, Myla’s real husband disappeared.

The man who’s sharing her bed is an imposter.

Myla tries explaining about “Evil Lincoln,” but no one will listen. The reason? People think that Myla’s supernatural pregnancy is making her cray cray. Mostly because that’s what Evil Lincoln is telling everyone, and that man’s a great liar. What a creep.

There’s no way Myla will take this lying down, though. She’s going to rescue her man, and she has a pretty good idea where he’s being held. With her best friend, Cissy, along to help, Myla sneaks off to Earth. All she has to do is blend in with the humans, avoid Evil Lincoln, and find her real man before the baby arrives. How hard can it be?

”Bauer’s writing is really good, easy to read, interesting, and engrossing.” - Quite the Novel Idea 

Perfect for readers who love angels, devils, and demons but want a fresh take on their related fairy tales, myths, and legends. This series combines fierce females, paranormal romance and urban/contemporary fantasy. Enjoy!

My Thoughts:

I really do just love this series.  Myla and Lincoln are married and gonna have a baby.  The problem is after having an amazing honeymoon, Lincoln is taken away and an imposter replaces him.  Only issue here is Myla is the only one who realizes this. Myla, the 'fake king' has been telling everyone is bonkers because of the baby. Everyone believes him because a Scala having a baby is sure to make a woman crazy.
I adore how Myla is determined to get HER Lincoln back. It wasn't that she just wanted her husband back, though that was a big part of it.  The Thrax needed their leader back instead of someone bent on their own agenda.  I loved how her best friend stepped in and stepped up when Myla needed her.  The author giving the characters their voices is an added bonus to a really good story :) 
It was a 4/5 for me.  Start from the first book and enjoy!
Thank you to the author/publisher for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine. 

Read all the series from author Christina Bauer: 
Angelbound Origins (YA Dark Fantasy)
Angelbound Offspring (YA Dark Fantasy)
 Beholder (YA Dark Fantasy )
• Dimension Drift (YA Urban Fantasy )
• Fairy Tales of the Magicorum (YA Urban Fantasy)

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Gone by Shirlee McCoy

Book Description

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Chronicles of Eledon by Joni Parker

Spell Breaker (Chronicles of Eledon #1)Book Description:
2016 Book Excellence Award Finalist!
After a thousand years, Lady Alexin (Alex) Dumwalt breaks the spell around Seaward Isle, a ring of storms so powerful no one could leave the island. She joins the exodus of Elves, Dwarves, and mortals to Eledon, the World of the Elves on the other side of the entry point. But Alex faces a difficult decision. Her Water Elf grandmother expects her to stay in Eledon, but Alex was born and raised as a mortal. Her mixed blood, Elf and mortal, means that she must choose between staying in Eledon or following the other mortals who will soon leave for the mortal world through a special entry point created for them. What will she do?

My Thoughts:
I got completely caught up in this book.  Alex is the first in years to be able to break the storms that have kept everyone on the Seaward Isle for thousands of years. With that a mass escape is plotted and Alex is the focal point.  She is half elf and half human, and used to the mortal side not the elf. There are a lot of characters to keep straight but it is a good first book in the series. The isle isn't on any maps and there is a time discrepancy that intrigued me completely.
There is a lot in the book and the dilemma Alex faces is going on as an elf and living in Eledon with her grandmother and more of the elven kind or going to the mortal world.  Alex was born on the Seaward Isle so she has never known either world. Good book and great start to a promising series.  I cannot wait to read the next one.
It was a solid 4/5 for me.

The Blue Witch (Chronicles of Eledon #2)Book Description:
The second installment of The Chronicles of Eledon finds Lady Alexin in Avalon, seat of King Arthur’s throne. The mortal world is far from what she’d imagined, and the mortals are less than hospitable. Trouble abounds when Alex is accused of being the “Blue Witch” and sentenced to die for treason. In addition, the mysterious death of one of Arthur’s courtiers by seemingly magical means complicates her situation. Back in Eledon, trouble is brewing. Civil unrest and the threat of war demands Alex’s presence to assume her responsibilities as Keeper of the Keys for the Council of Elders. Only too glad to escape the noose, Alex executes a series of quests to prove her abilities to handle the keys and their strange magic. But can she save the Elves from Civil War? And commute her own death sentence by finding the Holy Grail?

My Thoughts:
After reading Spell Breaker, I jumped right into this one and wasn't disappointed.  Alex is the keepr of keys.  She is now in the mortal world and searching for the Holy Grail.  There are a LOT of issues along the way, not the least of which is her being accused of being the Blue Witch. I think since this is the second in the series, it is better to have read the first but you could likely read it as a stand alone.
Alex really does have a lot on her plate and the mortal world isn't anything like she expected. There are issues back in Eledon as well that Alex is the center of. Plenty of action, questions you need answered NOW will keep you reading and not wanting to put the book down at all.  I cannot wait for what the author has in store for Alex next.
It was a 4/5 for me.
Gossamer (The Chronicles of Eledon, Book 3)Book Description:
Lady Alexin, Eledon's Keeper of the Keys must continue to prove her powers when her grandmother, Lady Lestin and her friend, Lady Opaline of the Gossamer Elves are kidnapped by rebels and held for ransom. Alex attempts a daring rescue, only to discover that there is far more to this plot that she immediately suspected and the betrayal extends to the highest levels of the High Council of Elders.Threatened by rebel factions, suspected by Council members and under attack by deadly spiders, the young warrior has only her wits, her fighting skills and the powers of the Keys to help her. But will they be enough to save them all?

My Thoughts:
I was geared up and ready for this one as soon as I put the previous book down. (I would suggest reading the first two before diving into this one) It starts out with action and really doesn't let up. Alex's elven grandmother and a friend are kidnapped by rebels. Of course, Alex is determined to find and save them but she gets into more than she expected. It isn't just the rebel group that she has to contend with but Council as well.  Still Alex is up to the challenges they put in front of her.
I'm really enjoying watching Lady Alexin (Alex) grow and change as a character.  There is a dramatic difference in her from the first book to now and I loved seeing it happen. The keys are 'key' to a lot of her success and changes so they really are a part of her identity. The cover of this book almost got me with the creepy spiders but it really is pretty.  
Another 4/5, I cannot wait to read the last book in the series and have some questions answered.

Noble Magic (The Chronicles of Eledon, #4)Book Description:
In the final installment of the critically acclaimed series, The Chronicles of Eledon, Lady Alexin battles a band of mortal wizards known as the Octagon, discovers the mysteries of some legendary diamond eggs and finally comes into her true powers gifted to her by her conquests and the gifts of her Titan ancestors. Tasked with the seemingly impossible as the Keeper of Eledon's Keys, she must find a way to restore the entry points to Seaward Isle or see its inhabitants face certain destruction as the whole of Eledon's energy grid threatens to fall apart.

My Thoughts:
I'm going to start with that I enjoyed this series start to finish and literally read them back to back, which is how I would suggest reading for the best grasp of the overall story.  The author doesn't skrimp on the stories, they are all 'long' books but so worth the read.  As the last in the series, there is a lot going on and the author does a great job of balancing it to keep you interested and not overwhelmed. 
Alex's ability to always take on what no one thinks she can handle and come out on top is maybe my favorite quality. She is young and a lot of times underestimated but she also has some super powerful enemies. Mortal and Elven she also has Titan, Alex is a force all her own.
It was a 5/5 for me.  I think this was my favorite of all the stories in the series. 

Thank you to the author for the review copies of these books (via PUYB).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

If I'm Found by Terri Blackstock

Book Description

Is Dylan hunting Casey to prosecute her or protect her?
Casey Cox is still on the run, fleeing prosecution for a murder she didn’t commit. Dylan Roberts—her most relentless pursuer—is still on her trail, but his secret emails insist that he knows the truth and wants to help her. He’s let her escape before when he had her in his grasp, but trust doesn’t come easily.
As Casey works to collect evidence about the real murderers, she stumbles on another unbearable injustice: an abused child and a suicidal man who’s also been falsely accused. Casey risks her own safety to right this wrong and protect the little girl from her tormenters. But doing so is risky and just may result in her capture—and if she’s captured, she has no doubt she’ll be murdered before she ever steps foot in a jail.
In this riveting sequel to the USA Today bestseller If I Run, evil lurks, drawing Casey out of the shadows . . . but there is light shining in the darkness. Is Dylan a provision from the God who loves her, or another heartache yet to happen?
My Thoughts:
I was so very excited to get this book.  Second in the series and I would say you need to read If I Run before trying this one just so you know what all is going on.  Casey is still on the run, Dylan is still trying to find her but also help her.  Casey is a sweet soul and puts herself in danger to help others and I absolutely love that.
There are some hard issues faced in the book and the author does a great job with them.  I wasn't sure after reading the blurb but I never should have doubted her! This isn't a book you will start and want to put down.  It pulls you in and you HAVE to know what is going to happen next.  I cannot wait for the third book.
It was a 5/5 for me.

Thank you to BookLook for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100%  mine.