Monday, February 28, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Bilerbeck

Book Description:
He's a handsome billionaire. She's not impressed. — Katie McKenna has never loved any man but one: billionaire Luc DeForges. He was her first love. But there are a billion reasons why she's engaged instead to Dexter Hastings, a solid and stable man who wants the same things she does: marriage and a family but all of the things that she wants without the deep-seeded pain and fear of being abandoned that Luc brings.
Dexter and she have worked an arrangement that's akin to faith without action, love without deeds -- a dead faith. Going home to New Orleans to sing for her childhood friend's wedding, Katie must search her heart to find out if any of her reasons for being with Dexter are stronger than love. Only when Katie steps fully into faith and jumps off the cliff of life into the arms of Luc does she understand the fullness of God's grace.
My Thoughts:
This was a good book. Katie isn't the girl she used to be and that isn't what Luc wanted to see when he stepped into her classroom. He wanted the vibrant girl he fell in love with to still exist but it seems it is his fault she is living as a shell of her former self and is to marry the boring Dexter. Katie isn't happy with Luc's appearance or his interference in her life. She wants her ring and to be engaged to Dexter and live a 'safe' life she has planned....or does she?
I enjoyed the exchanges between Katie and Luc. He has a lot to make up for but everyone seems to look down on Katie for what happened between them. Now that she is back home, she realizes what she is missing. Dexter is a bore. I didn't care for him at all, but that was the point of this character! It was a great, quick read that kept my attention and I enjoyed the characters very much!
I rate this book a 4/5. It was a good, fun read that is entertaining and I love the 1940's modernized!
Thank you to B & B Media Group for the review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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