Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coonts

Book Description:
A young woman plunges from a Las Vegas sightseeing helicopter, landing in the Pirate’s lagoon in front of the Treasure Island Hotel in the middle of the 8:30 Pirate Show. Almost everyone writes her off as another Vegas victim.
But Lucky O’Toole smells a rat. She’s head of Customer Relations at The Babylon, the newest, most opulent mega-casino and resort on the Strip, so she’s got a lot on her plate: the Adult Film industry’s annual awards banquet, a spouse-swapping convention, sex toy purveyors preying on the pocket-protector crowd attending ElectroniCon…. Still, Lucky can’t resist turning over a few stones.
When a former flame is one of the snakes she uncovers, Lucky’s certain she’s no longer dealing with an anonymous Sin City suicide. To top it all off, Lucky’s best friend Teddie—Las Vegas’ finest female impersonator—presses to take their relationship to the next level. Leave it to Lucky to attract a man who looks better in a dress than she does.
Lucky must manage the Babylon’s onslaught of outrageous festivities, solve a murder, and struggle to keep her life and libido from spinning out of control… not to mention keep her balance in six inch heels.

My Thoughts:
This book was highly entertaining. Lucky's life gets even more complicated when a young woman falls out of her casino's helicopter to her death. Now it is her job to keep the Big Boss in the loop, figure out who or how the woman died and keep the rest of the casino running smooth. Oh, also along the way, she has to deal with her sex life or lack thereof, a best friend, porn star and a highly attractive new security member...
Lucky is a colorful character. She seems almost unshakable in her work life. Teddie is a colorful character that I adore. Dean played his part perfectly. Mona and the Big Boss are great support characters with interesting and colorful pasts. Romeo is a great addition. The storyline is entertaining with several twists and turns!
I rate this a 4/5. It was entertaining with just enough mystery :)

Thank you to FSB for the review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


  1. Thank you for such a nice review. So glad you all enjoyed Lucky and her adventures!