Monday, October 3, 2011

Diane Tatum's Gold Earrings Book Showcase!

What a glorious day! Angelina Mercy praised God and her godfather Dr. Ben Graves for this opportunity to start her adult life free of entanglements and judgments concerning her mother’s occupation. She pulled her midnight black hair back exposing her glinting gold earrings to the sun. Hopefully she’d also escape the nightmare that reoccurred on nights when she was exceptionally tired.
The train would take her to St. Joseph, Missouri, where she would meet the Reverend Jonathan Thomson, who had procured employment and a place to live for her. Dr. Ben had only told her that he was 28, had been his theology student, and had been a chaplain in the Union Navy during the Civil War. In fact, Dr. Ben had been quite mysterious when he’d told her, “It’ll be good for both of you for you to settle in St. Joe.” Surely he just meant that the Reverend Thomson was someone she could trust with her life.

Author Bio:
While in high school in St. Louis County, MO, Diane Tatum wrote the short story “Gold Earrings” which grew into this novel. After teaching middle school language arts for eleven years in Tullahoma, TN, Diane “retired” from teaching in 2009 in order to write full-time. She writes for and Diane teaches Youth Sunday School (since 1981) and has written Bible study materials for middle schoolers for LifeWay and David C. Cook. Diane and her aerospace engineer husband Ken live in Tullahoma, TN.


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