Sunday, September 30, 2012

Heiress Behind the HEadlines by Catlin Crews

Book Description:
Haunted by one scandal too many, tabloid-savaged and vulnerable, Larissa Whitney turns her back on her gilded fortune. Desperately hiding from the paparazzi's relentless cameras, Larissa escapes to a small, secluded island, seeking refuge. But she's not alone—instead, Larissa finds herself face-to-face with Manhattan tycoon Jack Endicott Sutton.Now she's trapped on an island with a man she had a wild affair with five years before.…

A man she's still achingly attracted to. A man who knows the outrageous truth!

My Thoughts:
I barely made it through this book.  Larissa has determine to reinvent herself so she has hidden away on an island and has managed to run into the one man that can get to her.  The decision she made came after realizing that no one cared what happened to her.  Now she has to convince herself she is different and BE different so the rest of high society will believe it.
You get to know the characters in this book quiet well.  Larissa and Jack both grew up in high society which was interesting that both came from wealth and privilegde and neither was happy.  Honestly, I didn't like either of them.  Larissa was trying to better herself and I think that is great but when she got with Jack she let him call her horrible things, demean her and she still slept with him and stayed with him.  He was rude and obnoxious and suddenly at the end it was all ok because he realized he loved her.  Just not my thing.
I rate this a 2/5.  I only rated it that high because I actually made it through because I honestly wouldn't reccomend it.

Thank you to netgalley for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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