Monday, February 13, 2017

Rentless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs

Relentless (The Hero Agenda, #2)Book Description:
Revenge is easy, but justice is worth fighting for…

Kenna is tired of being lied to—and hunted by the very allies she once trusted. Unearthing the dark secrets of the superhero world has not only endangered her life, now her boyfriend faces execution for crimes he didn’t commit and her mother is being held captive in a secret governmental prison.
Kenna is determined to stand up for what’s right and save those she loves from unspeakable fates. It’s time for the betrayal to end. It’s time for the real criminals to face justice.
But the truth is even more terrifying than Kenna could imagine. A conspiracy threatens the fate of heroes, villains, and all of humanity. If Kenna’s going to survive, she must draw on her deepest strength: her resilience. Because when Kenna’s pushed to the limit, she doesn’t break down. She fights back.

My Thoughts:
Loved these books.  This is the second in the series by Childs and Deebs and it is just as good as the first.  Keena is still reeling from the realization that Heroes are bad guys and Villians are good least some of the time.  Breaking her boyfriend out of the mess he is in and figuring out what is wrong with her best friend is Keena's top priority.  Her friends are with her full force but even she isn't prepared for all she finds out.
I liked Keena's development as a character.  To go from nothing to super powerful, not to mention everything she has to endure.  She is just an amazing character.  The friends that she makes and surrounds herself with are intriguing.  I think Rebel may still be my favorite though.  The book will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and still make you want more.  The book ties up all the questions nicely but left it where they could still come back and add to the series.
It was a 5/5 for me.  I want more books like this to read!


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