About Me

I love to read, as you can tell.  Mainly I read Christian Fiction, but I do enjoy pretty much any type of book except horror and erotica.  I don't get paid to read and review books, I do it simply because I enjoy it.  Any book I review on here is something I've personally picked out and either bought or borrowed, unless otherwise stated.  I have a published three books that are in the Christian Mystery/Suspense category and hopefully the fourth will be published later this year.  I enjoy hearing if others agree with my opinion on books so feel free to comment and contact me if would like me to review your book.  I hope you enjoy my little slice of cyberspace!



My ranking system is best described as follows:
1/5 Would Not Reccomend At All
2/5 Not Highly Reccomended but If You are Still Interested find it in a Bargin Bin or Yard Sale
3/5 Worth The Read but Borrow or Buy Used
4/5 A Good Read, Pick it Up at a Local Bookstore on Sale
5/5 A Must Read in My Opinion