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Breach of Trust by Rachel Dylan

Book Description

Alien Minds by Christina Bauer

Alien Minds (Dimension Drift Book #1)Book Description:
DIVERGENT meets OCEAN'S EIGHT in this urban fantasy heist!

On my seventeenth birthday, I wake up in the hospital to find I just survived a sketchy-but-terrible accident. My perfect-looking parents say I live an ideal life inside the Boston dome. And although my swoon-worthy guard, Thorne, looks totally familiar, he says we don’t have a history. 

What a bunch of crap.

“This world is something I've never read before … then add in the spunk of our female lead character and the creative and out-of-this-world science and I'm hooked - 100% hooked!” – Bee’s Blog On Books

I don’t remember anything—not even my real name—but I can still tell when someone’s lying. From what I figure out, my dystopian overlords wiped my memory, leaving only my super science skills behind. Now, instead of expecting me to scream for revenge, the government demands that I build new tech that will launch an apocalypse against anyone who isn’t perfect. 

So I nod. Say yes. And scheme to blow the whole thing up. 

My memory may be gone, but my sass remains intact. I round up a team of teenage scientists to take down the nasty-ass government without getting ourselves killed. Only trouble is, I must accomplish all this while avoiding my growing attraction to Thorne, who may or may not be an alien. Something tells me that protecting my heart from my hottie guard might be the most dangerous adventure of all…

“Have you read Dimension Drift and fallen in love with the characters like the rest of us?” - Radioactive Book Reviews

This new series is perfect for: fans of urban fantasy, cool science, hot alien guards, space operas, evil corporations and forbidden romance.

My Thoughts:
I really like this author's writing. I wasn't sure with the whole alien thing, what to expect but I fell in love with Thorne. I would suggest reading the prequels but it isn't absolutely necessary.  Meimi is a feisty, smart girl with absolutely no memory of her life before waking up in the hospital. She doesn't know who to trust or who to distrust, but her instincts are on point.
The obstacles that Meimi and Thorne along with all their friends face seems impossible. I absolutely adore all the characters that surround Meimi and Thorne. There were some slimy characters as well. Watching the story unfold, I was rooting for their team the whole time and loving getting to know them. The way it ended, makes me want the next book now!
It was a 5/5 for me and I cannot wait to read what happens next.

Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

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Beauty in Hiding by Robin Patchen

About the Book

Book: Beauty in Hiding
Author: Robin Patchen
Genre: Christian romantic suspense
Release Date: March 12, 2019
Beauty In Hiding
Book 2 in the Beauty in Flight series:
Harper’s second chance at life will become a second stint in prison if anyone connects those two dead men to her.
Nutfield, New Hampshire, is as good a place as any to hide from the murderer Harper left behind in Maryland. All she has to do is lie low and make enough money to keep herself and Red alive until she can figure out who her enemies are.
Jack Rossi isn’t sure what to make of his beautiful new tenant and her confused grandfather. Something’s not right, but the love he sees between them and the care she takes of the old man convinces Jack they’re trustworthy. As drawn as he is to Harper, she’s his tenant, so she’s off limits.
Derrick, Harper’s ex-boyfriend and Red’s grandson, needs to find his grandfather and get his hands on the old man’s money before Derrick ends up with a bullet in the skull. And when he gets his hands on Harper, she’ll be sorry for what she’s put him through.
Harper and Jack grow closer, but so do her enemies. If Harper can’t trust Jack with the truth, she may lose more than just this glimpse of true love. She may lose her freedom—or her life.
 My Thoughts:
Ok, this book is the second in the series. I haven't read the first book, and it apparently ended right where this one begins.  I felt a bit lost in the beginning but then it 'clicked' and the author gave enough information that I felt I had a decent handle on everything and everyone. The author did a good job pulling you into the action of the book and making you feel invested in the characters.
I adored the older people in this book! The author did a fabulous job in making them have their own personalities and made them my favorite characters. Harper is a humble and good character, you don't remember her beauty until it is blatantly mentioned in the book. I like that it is more her character than her outer beauty that is focused on.  With the way the author ended this one, I will certainly be reading the last installment (and the first!).
It was a 4/5. I would say you need to read Beauty in Flight first just to enjoy this one more.
Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book via CelebrateLit. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.
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About the Author

Robin PatchenAside from her family and her Savior, Robin Patchen has two loves—writing and traveling. If she could combine them, she’d spend a lot of time sitting in front of her laptop at sidewalk cafes and ski lodges and beachside burger joints. She’d visit every place in the entire world—twice, if possible—and craft stories and tell people about her Savior. Alas, time is too short and money is too scarce for Robin to traipse all over the globe, even if her husband and kids wanted to go with her. So she stays in Oklahoma, shares the Good News when she can, and writes to illustrate the unending grace of God through the power and magic of story.

More from Robin

I was raised in a Christian home. Our parents took my sister, my brother, and me to church every Sunday. They taught us right from wrong, but eventually, kids have to make their own choices. In my case, I chose wrong for a long time.
Don’t misunderstand: I was always a pretty nice person. I wasn’t a thief, and I didn’t kill anybody, but I made a lot of bad decisions. Sinful decisions. I discovered that one bad choice often led to the next and the next until I was trapped in a life of my own making with no idea how to get out.
But God… two of my favorite words in the English language.
God had a different plan, and He pulled me out of the muck and changed my life. He showed me that I was not the person I’d been acting like. He showed me who I was, and He taught me to walk in the truth of my identity.
Harper Cloud isn’t me, not at all. First of all, she tall and blond and drop-dead gorgeous. More than that, her choices are nothing like mine were. But she’s in the same boat I was. Thanks to a series of bad decisions, Harper was in a hole, and she didn’t know how to get herself out of it. She used drugs to quiet the condemning voices and told herself lies to make herself feel better. Someday, she told herself, she’d get her life together enough to go home to her parents. Because she couldn’t go when she was a mess. She couldn’t go until she’d done something they could be proud of.
Thanks to a bad choice in boyfriend, Harper not only didn’t go home, she ended up in prison.
Harper’s story begins two years after she’s released. It’s the story of a woman desperate to be free of her past, clinging to hope when there’s every reason to despair, and desperate to believe what she’s been told about this Savior, Jesus Christ.
Harper will learn about love and redemption and salvation in the course of the three books that make up the Beauty in Flight series. That is, if she can survive the danger that seems to follow her wherever she goes.

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Umbra by Christina Bauer

Umbra: Dimension Drift Prequel 2Book Description:
One day, eighteen-year-old Thorne could become the Emperor of the Omniverse, the single being who rules countless worlds. Trouble is, Thorne's father, Cole, is both the current Emperor and a sadistic freak. In fact, Cole won't even keep his promises to the very humans who got him his throne. 

Well, Thorne won't stand for it.

Our hero takes a break from saving the Omniverse in order to visit the human world. His goal? Making good on Cole's promises. What Thorne expects is a routine mission. What he discovers is his one true love, what his people call their transcendent. Finding Meimi Archer is more than Thorne ever imagined possible. Now, he's willing to do anything to keep his transcendent safe, no matter what that may cost himself and his home world of Umbra. 

My Thoughts:
I have to start this with I'm a huge fan of this author.  There isn't anything I've read from her that I haven't liked. I'm not usually a big fan of prequels but this one was really good.  It is a short book but has a lot in it. Thorne is in line for the throne of the Omniverse but his father is a complete and total jerk.  
I liked how the author created the worlds, I love to get insights into how others' minds work. Thorne is a good guy. He goes around saving worlds and then he meets Meimi. There is plenty of action and adventure in this short story.
It was a 5/5. I'm going to go back and read the first prequel before jumping into Alien Minds but I can't wait for it!

Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

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Fire Priest (Pawn of the Gods, Book 1) by Stephen Murdoch

Fire Priest (Pawn of the Gods, Book 1) by Stephen MurdochFire Priest (Pawn of the Gods, Book 1) by Stephen Murdoch Publisher:  (Dec 12, 2018) Category: YA Fantasy. Epic Fantasy. Gateway Fantasy. Alternate Reality, Sword & Sorcery Tour dates: Mar-May, 2019 ISBN: 978-1916488311 Available in Print and ebook, 304 pages  Fire Priest

Description Fire Priest (Pawn of the Gods, Book 1) by Stephen Murdoch

Seventeen-year-old Jack Kulinski is the best mixed martial arts fighter of his generation. So why does fighting scare him so much? In the ring, the sound of swarming bees mysteriously fills his head, and it takes all of his effort to not flee in panic. But when his best friend disappears, and Jack, alone, discovers that he’s been magicked to a terrible land ruled by a murderous god and his violent people, he needs to learn how to face his fears and to fight better than he ever has before.

My Thoughts:
I'm not certain what I expected from this author but I was pleasantly surprised by the complexity of his book. There are alternating points of view and multiple story lines going at the same time. I liked seeing everything going on and not simply having a narrow view of it. That being said, there are quite a lot of characters, some evil, some good, some mysterious but all of them have their own agendas.
The author did a good job with setting up the series in this book, there is a lot of story building going on and it hooks you in. I cringed when the friend was an idiot with the lighter, the priest and priestess creeped me out, I wasn't certain I was going to like the dad, but every character was well written and  I can't wait to see what the author does next with this series.
It was a 4/5. I will certainly be looking for the next book.

Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book via Virtual Author Book Tours. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Praise Fire Priest (Pawn of the Gods, Book 1) by Stephen Murdoch

“I found myself really into the book and finished it in two days. I was rooting for Jack and Denny throughout the book, I liked the talking rabbit and I really liked Zolin, the soldier, and his buddies. I hated the Fire Priest and Priestess and found myself reading at the dinner table, hoping Jack would destroy them. I think the world that Stephen created is complex and interesting; I like the references to Mesoamerican culture, history, and names. At first I felt like there were a lot of characters to keep track of, but part way in realized I had them all set in my head and it was all coming together. I'm interested to see what happens in Book 2 of the series.”-Helen, Goodreads

About Stephen MurdochFire Priest (Pawn of the Gods, Book 1) by Stephen Murdoch

Stephen Murdoch is a writer and investor who lives in England with his wife and three daughters. He is the author of the non-fiction book IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea (Wiley, 2007). He has written for various publications, including Newsweek, The Washington Post, and PRI’s MarketplaceThe Fire Priest is his first work of fiction. Murdoch is the chairman of two healthcare providers in the UK that provide cutting edge digital and bricks-and-mortar solutions to the mental health sector.

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Giveaway Fire Priest (Pawn of the Gods, Book 1) by Stephen Murdoch

This giveaway is for 3 winners choice of one print or ebook copy of the book, open worldwide. This giveaway ends May 10, 2019, midnight pacific time. Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter onlly. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This Daring Journey by Misty M. Beller

This Daring Journey FB Banner

This Daring JourneyAbout the Book

Book: This Daring Journey
Author: Misty M. Beller
Genre: Christian Historical Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2019
As a half-Indian raised among her Peigan tribe, Moriah Clark knows better than to trust white people. The tragedy that resulted in her birth is proof enough. But when her trusted grandfather marries her to a white man, she has no choice to but to obey and hope this new life isn’t her downfall. Her white husband turns out to be a decent sort, but his unexpected death left her to birth a newborn baby among hostile mountain men. She wants nothing more than to retreat to the safe haven of her tribal upbringing. When a mysterious frontiersman arrives on her doorstep seeking her deceased husband, his offer to escort her and the babe to her people seems like the opportunity she’s been praying to find. But can she trust him?
Samuel Grant has been sent to retrieve Henry Clark for his sister’s wedding, but the sight that greets him at the little cabin in the woods is not what he expected. Not only has the man died, but Henry’s wife is fighting off an aggressive gang of men at gunpoint—while trying to conceal a newborn. He can’t leave the pair unattended, so helping her travel into the mountain country to reach her family seems like the only option. If he can win her trust, that is.
Such a grueling journey with a three-week-old baby will be risky, but the challenges that arise test them far more than either expected. When a devastating surprise increases the danger ten-fold, Moriah focuses all her efforts on keeping her newborn daughter alive. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t realize how much of her heart belongs to the mountain man—until it’s too late.

My Thoughts:
I so want to go visit Canada now.  The author here does a wonderful job with her descriptions and made me feel like I was actually there. Samuel isn't prepared for the scene he comes up on when he is going to get Henry Clark for a wedding. Henry's widow is defending her place and her newborn against men who are determined to get in.
The first meetings are always a big point for me and Samuel and Moriah's meeting was good. I liked how both had self-doubts but Samuel's gentleness, especially with the baby made you know he was a good man. Moriah's determination even though she was terrified with all that had happened. Their journey isn't easy and I quickly came to care for all the characters.
It was a 4/5 for me. I didn't realize this book was in a series and it read quite well as a stand alone.

Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book via Celebrate Lit. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Click here to purchase your copy.

About the Author

MistyMisty M. Beller writes romantic mountain stories, set on the 1800s frontier and woven with the truth of God’s love.
She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. Growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and children now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.
God has placed a desire in Misty’s heart to combine her love for Christian fiction and the simpler ranch life, writing historical novels that display God’s abundant love through the twists and turns in the lives of her characters

More from Misty

How did I get started writing?

I’ve always loved to read, but several years ago I was putting together my bucket list, and realized that I really did want to write a novel. So, “Write a novel that’s published” made it near the top!
I decided, it’s now or never, and made the commitment to do it. So, I had a general idea that I wanted it to be a Christian historical western romance. But where to start? I finally decided I needed to find a good book to help me plan. I stumbled upon (a.k.a. God led me to) the best possible book to help me get started with a great plan: Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. For all you writers out there, I can’t recommend it highly enough!
From there, I’ve soaked in every bit of writing instruction I can from some amazing groups and individuals. And I’ve spent countless hours sitting with my laptop pouring out words onto the screen. Writing is in my blood. It’s my passion. A true gift from my Heavenly Father, and I pray daily that he uses the words for His purpose.

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Justice Mission by Lynette Eason

Book Description

Monday, April 1, 2019

Convergence by Ginny L. Yttrup

Convergence FB Banner

About the Book

Book: Convergence  
Author: Ginny L Yttrup  
Genre: Christian thriller/suspense  
Release Date: March, 2019  

ConvergenceA psychologist paralyzed by fear. A mother propelled by love. A stalker bent on destruction. Psychology professor Dr. Denilyn Rossi contends that the past is either a shadow that haunts us or a force that propels us. The choice is ours, she tells her students. What she doesn’t tell them is that her own past is a shadow she can’t seem to shake. Fear has immobilized her and is taking a costly toll. Adelia Sanchez, however, has embraced Dr. Rossi’s teaching. She is ready to confront fear and render it powerless—using the trauma of her past to propel her to entrap the man who stalked and brutally attacked her. As Denilyn’s past and Adelia’s present converge at the Kaweah River, a dangerous man bent on destruction threatens them both. Will he uncover the secret Deni and Adelia have fought so hard to protect?

My Thoughts:
This book is full of suspense. Denilyn (I love the name!) is a psychology professor who had a stalker in her past. Because of past events and trauma, she has panic attacks and other issues. Deni was such a complex character and had so many levels to her that I am surprised with how I connected with her.
The author did oh so amazing with this plot. It was full of twists and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen...NOPE. I did enjoy the weaving through of faith and how you have to trust God in life to carry you through. Overall, a brilliantly written book that I plan to reread soon just because I know I will see some things I missed the first time.
It was a 5/5. I will look for more from this author.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book via Celebrate Lit. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Click here to purchase your copy.  

About the Author

Ginny Yttrup
Ginny Yttrup is the award-winning author of Words, Lost and Found, Invisible, and Flames. She writes contemporary women’s fiction and enjoys exploring the issues everyday women face. Publishers Weekly dubbed Ginny’s work “as inspiring as it is entertaining.” When not writing, Ginny coaches writers, critiques manuscripts, and makes vintage-style jewelry for her Esty shop, Storied Jewelry ( She loves dining with friends, hanging out with her adult sons, or spending a day in her pajamas reading a great novel. Ginny lives in northern California with Bear, her entitled Pomeranian. To learn more about Ginny and her work, visit  

More About Convergence

A psychologist paralyzed by fear. A mother propelled by love. A stalker bent on destruction.   Dr. Denilyn Rossi’s past is a shadow that haunts her. Adelia Sanchez’s past is a force that propels her. When Denilyn’s past and Adelia’s present converge at the Kaweah River, a dangerous man bent on destruction threatens them both. Will he uncover the secret Deni and Adelia have fought so hard to protect? Find out in Convergence by Ginny L. Yttrup.   Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Convergence:   She straightens, squares her shoulders, and takes a deep breath as she climbs aboard the plane. There are no seats, the other divers are piled close to one another on the floor. Mike points to an open space near him. She lowers herself, sits, pulls her knees to her chest, and then looks out the oval window next to her. That’s when she sees him. Her breath catches. She leans in, cups her hands on the glass to cut the glare, and peers out. It can’t be. . . . Mouth dry, she tries to swallow. She looks away. Her heart batters her chest and her pulse roars in her ears, nearly drowning out the clamor of the plane’s propeller. It isn’t him. You’re imagining things, she tells herself. She inhales then exhales. She takes another look then stares at the man near the hangar. He pulls some­thing from his shirt pocket, sticks it in his mouth. A cigarette? She watches as he lights it. It isn’t him. He doesn’t smoke. Anyway, it’s impossible. She knows where he is, and it isn’t here. He’s seen her staring at him through the window of the plane. He takes a drag, flicks ash to the ground, and smiles. But his eyes behind the sunglasses are cold. Hard. She steadies herself as the plane shoots down the runway then lifts. As memories flash, perspiration trickles down her back. She inhales again, deeper this time. It wasn’t him. Let it go, she admon­ishes, then shakes her head. Fear will not win. Not this time. Not ever again. Within what feels to her like mere moments, the group of profes­sional skydivers have all jumped, and she stands, back pressed against Mike, hooked to his harness. They brace themselves against the pum­meling force of wind as they wait near the gaping opening in the side of the plane. She pulls goggles from the top of her head down over her eyes. There’s no room in her mind now for thoughts of the man on the ground, or of the man who haunts her memories. There’s no room for thoughts of any kind. Terror, as she well knows, is all-consuming. Her breaths are shallow, her pulse races. “Step to the edge,” Mike yells. When she doesn’t move, he yells again, this time his breath hot against her ear. She hesitates then steps forward, him stepping in sync with her. There’s nothing to see but the vast expanse. “Go!” Mike shouts. Heart hammering her rib cage, she leans forward, eyes squeezed shut, and falls more than jumps into nothingness, arms stretched wide. She anticipates the sensation of falling—stomach lifting to throat—but it isn’t evident as she’d expected. Nor is the velocity at which she knows they’re falling. She dares to open her eyes, only aware of the force of air pushing her cheeks back to her ears, which makes her laugh. The free fall is like nothing she’s experienced. She laughs again, the sound carried heavenward on the drafts, she imagines. Too soon she’s jerked, hard, the harness cutting into her thighs, and pulled upward with what seems like exceeding force. She hadn’t expected the force. But then they’re floating. Soaring. “Oh,” she whispers. She wants to take it all in, remember every exhilarating moment. These currents she could ride forever. Tension is replaced by peace, pervasive peace. Quietude. Silence. Wonder. “That was a hard pull.” Mike’s shouted words behind her threaten to break the spell, but she’s enchanted and pays little attention. She assumes the pull—the parachute opening and catching air—was harder than usual but fine. They’re fine. She doesn’t understand. Doesn’t know what’s to come. How could she? As they float, her eyes are trained on the ground below. The earth is a patchwork of tones. She sees the river, a thread, stitched across the quilt of colors. She searches for familiar landmarks as her sense of confidence soars. She’s done it. Faced fear, terror even, and— Suddenly they’re plummeting. Tumbling. Head first. Arms and legs akimbo. Land and sky spin as they interchange. Her lungs deflate. Pres­sure. The currents, tumultuous, pull her under and then spit her out. She can’t breathe. Why can’t she breathe? She gasps. She’s drowning. Help! Someone, help! But no. . . There’s no water. Instead, she’s above, where there’s nothing. Just. . . Nothing. Nothing to reach for. Nothing to grab. Nothing to save her. A scream sounds in her mind. Rings in her ears. Scathes her throat. Her scream? Awareness hits. She’s going to die. It’s her only thought. There are no thoughts of those she loves. Those who love her. Memories don’t flash. No, just the one thought. The only thought she has time for. She is going to die. Then. . . Everything goes black.  

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