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Jacqui Murray Guest Blog

Hi everyone! Please help me welcome guest blogger Jacqui Murray.

I was born in Berkley California to Irish-German parents. After receiving a BA in Economics, another in Russian and an MBA, I spent twenty years in a variety of industries while raising two children and teaching evening classes at community colleges. Now, I live with my husband, adult son and two beautiful Labradors and I write. I write fiction books, how-books, five blogs on everything from the USNA to tech to science, and a column for the Examiner on tech tips.

Blog Post:

Dialogue is a Window to Your Novel’s Soul

Think about your favorite books. Why do you love them? Without fail, it’s because
· The story was good. It might be great, or just good enough, but it kept you involved. It wasn’t mundane, ordinary or like all the other books you’ve read
· You liked the characters. The author made sure you got to know them, and when you did, you could relate to them. You got into their heads, you heard their inner thoughts, you found out they were good and decent people even when they weren’t perfect. In short, they were like you. Very few books survive with dislikable main characters.
· You learned from it. This doesn’t have to be factual knowledge. It might be life’s lessons, or how to think through an emotional problem, or how to handle a difficult person. Learning about survival is as important as book learning.
Doesn’t sound hard, does it? So how do you do it? There are lots of factors required for a book to be a best seller, but none more important than dialogue.
· How characters talk gives them a unique voice. You should know each character by how s/he’s presented in the book–his/her word choice, actions as they talk, mannerisms, accents.
· Dialogue moves the story forward while keeping you the reader intimately involved. Dialogue happens now. You don’t know what will happen next. That builds drama and excitement, makes you keep the book open as you turn the pages. Too often, in the narrative parts of a story, that intensity is missing. Readers are comfortable sitting back, relaxing outside of the real story, knowing it’s going to work out fine.
Here are some hints I’ve cherished in the years I’ve been writing. Read them over. Select those that you can own and remember them:
· Make dialogue authentic to your character. If you wouldn’t mention the beautiful roses, don’t have your character mention them, even if you’re desperate to flesh out the scene. Figure out a different way to do it.
· Don’t worry about your grammar, unless your character is a professor. How many people in real life make sure they don’t put a preposition at the end of a sentence?
· Watch those tags. ‘Said’ is fine. ‘Blustered’ and ‘lectured’ might not be. They might be affected. I often avoid tags altogether by having the character do something before he speaks, like ‘Zeke slurped his coffee. “I just said that.”‘
· Avoid dialogue that doesn’t advance the story or is the meaningless give and take routine in everyday conversation. Yes, we want dialogue to be true to life, but don’t bore us. Leave out the stuff about ‘she said hello, then she asked how he was, then she mentioned how hot it was.’ Get to the point or your reader will be so bored, s/he’ll put the book down.
· Add to the reader’s knowledge with dialogue. Don’t repeat what we already know. You can do that with a quick, ‘She told him what happened at the park’.
· Use dialogue to show and develop relationships between people. Isn’t that what conversations do in real life? Why not in your book?
That’s it. I’m not going to make this more complicated than it really is. By the time all of the above becomes routine, you’re ready for publishing.
For more tips on how to write, visit my blog at WordDreams (

Building a Midshipman: How to Conquer the USNA Application. There are lots of how-to books on getting in the Naval Academy, but they’re quite dry and impersonal. Mine is from the perspective of a woman who did it (my daughter!) and how she accomplished such a lofty goal. It’s very down-to earth and should give confidence to any teen, male or female, considering a military academy as their college of choice.

My Computer workbooks for grades K-5 and the Computer Lab Toolkits are geared for parents with nominal computer skills, homeschoolers and lab specialists. They outline the method I use in my classes that get kids from the most basic of computer skills in kindergarten to Photoshop by fifth grade. It’s a curriculum I developed over the years and I’m not surprised it works. It is now being used in school districts all over the country.

Anyone interested in my books, here is where you can find them:
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*My Building a Midshipman site is USNA or Bust.
*My Computer Lab Toolkit and Technology Workbooks site is Ask a Tech Teacher
*My writing tips blog is WordDreams
*I also write a column for I invite everyone to read that, add comments, follow me!
*Oh—my Twitter handle is @askatechteacher

Thank you Jacqui!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Black Magic by Cherry Adair

Book Description
Ever since the death of her parents, Sara Temple has rejected her magical gifts. Then, in a moment of extreme danger, she unknowingly sends out a telepathic cry for help—to the one man she is convinced she never wants to see again.
Jackson Slater thought he was done forever with his ex-fiancée, but when he hears her desperate plea, he teleports halfway around the world to aid her in a situation where magic has gone suddenly, brutally wrong.
But while Sara and Jack remain convinced they are completely mismatched, the Wizard Council feels otherwise. A dark force is killing some of the world’s most influential wizards, and the ex-lovers have just proved their abilities are mysteriously amplified when they work together. But with the fate of the world at stake, will the violent emotions still simmering between them drive them farther apart . . . or bring them back into each other’s arms?

My Thoughts
I was completely engrossed in this book. Jack is a geologist/wizard and his passion is finding certain magical lines. Sara is an interior designer who doesn't like Magic, but is also a wizard. Sara mentally calls for Jack and after 2 years, he still teleports to her side and her rescue. They can't stand the thought of being around each other, much less working together but the Wizard Council deems they must.
I really liked Jack. He was a strong 'take no prisoners' kind of man. Sara on the other hand had to grow a bit on me but in the end, I liked her too. This was just a fun, romantic read. There were a few plot twists but mainly just fun characters that have an adventure to save the world as we know it!
Overall I rate this book a 4/5. It is good and worth buying on sale for a quick fun read.
Thank you to Simon & Schuster for the review copy of this book. I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Monday, July 26, 2010

In Harm's Way by Irene Hannon

Product Description
FBI special agent Nick Bradley has seen his share of kooks during his fifteen years with the Bureau. But Rachel Sutton is an enigma. She seems normal when she shows up at the FBI office in St. Louis--until she produces a tattered Raggedy Ann doll she found and tells him she thinks something is wrong because of a strange feeling of terror it gives her when she touches it. Nick dismisses her, only to stumble across a link between the doll and an abducted child, setting in motion a chain of events that uncovers startling connections--and puts Rachel's life on the line. Filled with palpable suspense and a touch of romance, In Harm's Way is the final installment of the thrilling HEROES OF QUANTICO series.

My Thoughts:
Oh, my! While I enjoyed the other two books in this series, this one is by far the best! Rachel is a teacher, piano player and artist all rolled into one. Nick is introduced in the previous book in the series, but is the focus of this book. He and Rachel meet when she brings a ''Raggedy Ann' doll to the FBI and says she is getting bad vibes from it. He thinks its a bit off the wall but she seems so sincere that he can't dismiss it outright. He comes across a photo that links the doll to an abducted infant and everything begins to happen at once.
The build up in this book was amazing. You feel like you are reading two unrelated stories and then they are linked and the action picks up big time. Rachel is a very down to earth lady and is completely thrown when she touches the doll and feels complete terror, SHE doesn't even believe what is happening to her. She goes to the FBI and luckily talks to Nick who doesn't really believe her but gives her the benefit of the doubt. Nick is instantly attracted to Rachel and strangely enough they find there is a lot of similarities in their past. There is a lot of suspense and several twists in the story that surprised me.
I rate this book a 5/5. You don't have to have read the other two in this series, just go get this one and read it now!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Every Little Thing About You (Yellow Book 1) by Lori Wick

Book Description
The first meeting between Slater Rawlings and Liberty Drake could hardly be called ideal. As acting deputy of Shotgun, Texas, Liberty is simply enforcing the town laws. But Slater, a former Texas Ranger with a restless spirit, is surprised to find himself on the wrong side of the law—and even more shocked to realize it’s a she who is arresting him!
Yet Slater finds himself drawn to the close–knit town, to its strong church family, and especially to the fascinating Deputy Drake. As his heart grows tender toward Liberty, Slater longs to see her turn in her badge. Can Liberty, realizing her awakening feelings for the rugged cowboy, give up her position when so many townspeople have come to rely on her? As Slater and Liberty struggle to understand their own feelings and find common ground in their beliefs, God’s hand gently guides the way in this heartwarming romance.

My Thoughts
I very much enjoyed this book. It is a sweet, romantic, historical, and inspirational read. Slater is a former lawman who is tired of the grind of life. He rides into town and is completely surprised when the local 'lawman' arrests him, especially because it is a woman! Liberty is the town deputy, and takes her job very serious. They are attracted to each other but Slater wants Liberty to quit the dangerous job and she doesn't know if she can, even for him.
I love ALL the characters in this book. Liberty is such a strong lady, both in faith and in life. Slater is a cowboy lawman, wonderful character! Liberty does the job she does to back up her brother and Slater's brothers are great too. I like how close Liberty is to her whole family, even her stepfather. The attraction that grows between Liberty and Slater is very sweet and pure. There is wonderful humor through the whole book and it shows how wonderful God is in our lives.
I rate this book a 5/5. It is just too sweet, you need to go get it today and read it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crucifying Angel by P.I. Barrington

Book Description
A serial killer with an unholy mission is unleashed on deteriorating sin city Las Vegas and LVPD Homicide Detectives Payce Halligan and her new partner, British ex-Deputy Chief Inspector begin a deadly cat and mouse game as each must deal with their own traumatic past and their evolving attraction.

My Thoughts
This was a good read. Payce is a LA Detective whose got a troubled past. Gavin is a former British Chief Inspector with a past as dark as Payce's and he is her new partner. They are investigating suspicious murders when terrible things start happening. They are thrust together in a series of twisted characters, scary turns and terrifying possibilities.
I really liked Payce. She is a strong, independent cop with a vulnerability that she hates to show people. I adore Gavin, you can just hear his accent through the pages! There were several twists and turns, plenty of suspense and psychos to fill the pages. The murder scenes described are creepy and all too real! The support characters are well written and very good. Very addicting!
I give this book a 4/5. It was a suspenseful, adult read that leaves you ready for book 2 in the series.

Disclosure: Thank you to P.I. Barrington for the review copy (ebook). I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Protector (O'Malley Book 4) by Dee Henderson

Book Description:
Jack O'Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, and his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the one lady who witnessed the arsonist ... Book number four in the O'Malley series brings back Jack O'Malley from The Truth Seeker in a page-turning thriller. It's Christmas. And in this time of celebration, Cassie Ellis has found the real meaning of Christmas; Jack is still searching to understand. Who is Jesus? On that answer rests his hope that someone greater than he is in control of a situation spiraling into terror.

My Thoughts
Another amazing story in the series! Cassie is a former firefighter who was hurt during a fire. Jack is the jokster of the O'Malley family, but also a strong leader of his fire crew. An arsonist is targeting Jack and his crew, Cassie is in danger because she saw the arsonist and both have several personal issues hanging over their lives. Jack now must trust God to see them all safely through this trial.
I love Jack's sense of humor and loyalty to his family and crew. Cassie is a spunky lady. You would expect her to be bitter after all she's been through but she is the exact opposite. Jack is a sensitive man whose family relies on him to lighten the mood. Cassie is there for Jack when he needs her both in his personal and professional life, just as he is for her. His main problem is trusting God to take care of the people who are important to him. There are several twists and unexpected turns that leave you feeling everything the characters feel. A wonderfully written story!

Another 5/5 for Dee Henderson. This is one to go out and get today to read!

Monday, July 19, 2010

To Catch A Thief by Christina Skye

Book Description
Nell MacInnes can spot a forgery from a mile away. After all, she learned from the best—her father is one of the art world’s most notorious thieves. His brutal beating by the very authorities who claim to keep the world safe from harm taught her one more valuable lesson—trust no one.
The last thing rugged Navy SEAL Dakota Smith needs on his mission is a tempting woman he doesn’t trust. But a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci has gone missing, and the art conservator’s skill in detecting forgery would be invaluable, if only her ties to the criminal world are as dead as she says they are.
Soon an edgy partnership and white-hot attraction are forged between Nell and Dakota as they race to Draycott Abbey to track down a ruthless criminal with terrorist ties before time runs out—and the da Vinci is lost forever.

My Thoughts
This was a purely fun read! Nell is a mountain climbing, independent, art restorer. Dakota is a sexy Navy SEAL whose job it is to figure out if Nell is part of her father's criminal world. Because of circumstances they are thrown together and sparks fly. As the story unfolds, they HAVE to trust each other to find the truth and the stolen art and their relationship gets hotter and hotter.
I like Nell's adventuresome spirit. Dakota was a wonderful character to visualize! The story of their meeting was fun. There were a couple surprises and twists that weren't expected, but the best part was the relationship between Nell and Dakota. Neither want to trust the other, but with the sparks between them, they can't hold out for long. They need each other's expertise to find the missing art and stay one step ahead of the criminals.

I rate this book 3/5. It was a good, fun read but not something to put on your 'keeper' shelf.

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The Versatile Blogger

I feel so special to have been given this award by Brandi Drury. Thank you Brandi. Please visit Brandi's blog as well to see all the happenings she has going on.

According to the rules, I'm required to:

1. Thank the person who loved me enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers–in no particular order–who are fantastic in some way.
4. Drop by and let my ten new friends know I admire them.

So here are the seven things about me.

1. I'm a a legal assistant by day...bookblogger by night (or any free time).
2. I absolutely love to travel and can't wait to go international again!
3. My family and I want to move horribly bad.
4. I am in love with my Sony Reader.
5. I love working because I get to take my children with me and be with my husband.
6. I have started reading at work because I'm obsessed with my blog :).
7. I hate folding laundry!!!

Here is my list of 10 Bloggers that I think are pretty special and fantastic, in no specific order. Please click on their name to visit their blog to see all the happenings they have going on.

1. Mystee (A Moment With Mystee)
2. Joy (Edgy Inspirational Romance)
3. Eric (Happy Birthday Author)
4. Kathy (I Am A Reader, Not Writer)
5. Selva (My Views)
6. Rex (Rex Robot Reviews)
7. Doreen (They Say Everyone Has A Story...)
8. Marcie (To Read or Not To Read)
9. Christine (Reading on the Dark Side)
10. Savannah (Books with Bite)

Congratulations All!

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Eclipse (Twilight Book 3) by Stephenie Meyer

Book Description:
Edward's soft voice came from behind me.
I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again. This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine-like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us.
As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob-knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?

My Thoughts:
Wow! This book was great. Bella and Edward are back together, but she is still struggling with Jacob issues. While she is working through them, and trying to figure out how both guys fit into her life there are murders going on in Seattle. The Seattle murders seem to worry Edward but he is trying to hide that from Bella. The werewolves and vampires still distrust each other but Bella needs them to put that aside as the danger gets closer.
The love triangle with Bella, Edward and Jacob is wonderful and sad at the same time. Edward is still PERFECT, but at the same time, Jacob is wonderful. Bella's indecisiveness seems completely unfair but totally understandable. The action in this book is also great. I love the fact that she puts the characters in situations where they MUST get along. I just really like the whole pot and all the characters in this book. Alice is still a wonderful favorite, Jasper is explained better, and the whole cast of characters are even more likeable than ever!
5/5 is defiantly the rating for this book! Go buy it and read it now, then you'll read it over and over!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Full Disclosure by Tamara Tilley

Book Description
A quiet beachfront town. An attempted hit. A shaky romance. An unexpected twist. From the moment you open Full Disclosure, you'll be drawn into the page-turning action that unfolds as Ciara and Jack are thrown together by a hit man's bullet. Was the target meant to be the successful artist that Ciara grew up with, or the mysterious recluse who lives in a sprawling mansion down the beach? You'll be swept into the action, intrigue, and romance that unfold in this quiet, beachfront community. The threat of permanent blindness for the artist and Ciara's lack of trust, which threatens to keep her locked within a wall of protection, cause them to seek God's direction in a more meaningful way that they ever had before. They knew God could meet their needs, but how?

My Thoughts:
This book was ok. Jack is a secret service bodyguard whose job is his life. Ciara is a 'keep everyone at arms length' orphan whose artist friend was shot and blinded. Jack investigates the shooting and finds many things he never expected. He and Ciara clash but there is something that draws them together that they can't resist. They have to hurry to find him before the would be assassin comes back to finish what he started!
I love the fact the author mentions the shows how Christians struggle with doubts, fears and physical relationships outside of marriage. She has a very realistic view of how life actually works. Ciara's character is completely endearing and yet annoying at the same time with her lack of ability to trust. Jack is a 'man's man' that is what most women dream of! Danny is an artist that gets shot and loses her sight but is more ok with it than her best friend Ciara, Danny trusts God to see her through the troubles. The characters are so wonderful and real. The plot was great, but I just felt that there was something missing in this book. The twists and turns weren't really 'surprising'.
Overall I give this book a 3/5. It was good enough to borrow or find used somewhere, but its not one I will keep to read again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Montana Creeds: Logan by Linda Lael Miller

Product Description:
Descendants of the legendary McKettrick family, the Creeds are renowned in Stillwater Springs, Montana—for raising hell…
After years of wandering, Logan Creed, a cowboy with a dusty law degree, has returned home. To put down roots, to restore his family's neglected ranch…to have kids of his own proudly bearing the Creed name.
Divorced mom Briana Grant has heard the stories about her gorgeous neighbor. So Logan's kindness with her young boys is a welcome surprise, especially when her ex reappears. And when an unknown enemy vandalizes her home, Logan shows Briana—and the folks of Big Sky country—just what he's made of.

My Thoughts:
This is very much a 'coming home' book, quite enjoyable. Logan decides to return to his home town and settle down. He is a cowboy turned lawyer that has made it big, but has a yearning to prove that his family name isn't worthless. Briana is a hard working single mom of two rambunctious boys who is living in a house owned by Logan's brother. She has heard lots of stories about the Creed men and is now living next door to one. Her ex husband shows back up in her life and strange things start happening so she turns to Logan for help and the sparks start to fly!
I loved the family dynamic of this book. There are three stubborn Creed brothers who aren't speaking but Logan is determined to make things right...that just screams oldest sibling! It doesn't hurt that he is majorly hot. Briana's character is very much a mother, but at the same time a sexy woman. Her two sons are just adorable, her ex husband annoying, and the rest of the town is suspicious. I like how realistic the town is! They gossip about Logan and his family behind his back but at the same time are there when he needs something done.
This book is a 3/5 for me. It was good but kind of a 'mindless' read. So if you are wanting pool or beach reading that doesn't take much attention, this book is for you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Predator by Terri Blackstock

Product Description
Bestselling author Terri Blackstock presents another stand-alone novel, Predator. The murder of Krista Carmichael's fourteen-year-old sister by an online predator has shaken her faith and made her question God's justice and protection. Desperate to find the killer, she creates an online persona to bait the predator. But when the stalker turns his sights on her, will Krista be able to control the outcome? Ryan Adkins started the social network GrapeVyne in his college dorm and has grown it into a billion-dollar corporation. But he never expected it to become a stalking ground for online Predators. One of them lives in his town and has killed two girls and attacked a third. When Ryan meets Krista, the murders become more than a news story to him, and everything is on the line. Joining forces, he and Krista set out to stop the killer. But when hunters pursue a hunter, the tables can easily turn. Only God can protect them now.

My Thoughts:
I am scarily in love with this book! Krista 's sister was murdered by a serial killer who is using GrapeVyne to track his victims. GrapeVyne is a social website that was created by Ryan when he was in college and has since sold to a major corporation. Krista takes Ryan by storm and gives him a 'human' perspective of what his creation is enabling. Together they try to discover who the murderer is and stop him, but the big question is will the murderer find them first.
This is a wonderfully horrible book. It is so plausible and realistic it makes you stop and think. If you are a parent it will have you grabbing your kids and wanting to keep them right beside you! Krista's grief over her little sister's murder is so real that you feel for her. Her father withdraws from her and it is like she is alone in the world. As a way to deal with her grief, she decides to speak out against social networking and is so passionate about it that Ryan can't resist joining her in her crusade.
There are twists, turns, and lots of suspense in this book. Ryan is a gem of a man, who only wants to do the right thing no matter what the company says. I love how it shows that even a long time, dedicated Christian can have doubts but that doesn't mean that you lose your faith. The whole cast of characters are wonderfully written and so real!
I rate this book 5/5. You need to go buy it now and read it! I would definitely suggest it for teens, parents, and anyone who has a social network or just wants a good read.

Disclosure: Thank you to Zondervan for the review copy of this book. I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dark Summer by Iris Johansen

Product Description
Devon Brady is a devoted veterinarian working in a makeshift hospital on a remote search and rescue mission. When a man arrives with his wounded black Lab, Ned, she has no idea that she is about to be plunged into a whirlwind of terror and destruction.
Jude Marrock is out for revenge and has no choice but to involve Devon in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with an escalating body count. She doesn’t trust him one bit, but when the shots start flying and friends start falling, she finds herself with nowhere else to run. And there are innocent lives, both human and animal, at stake, including those of Ned and his mysterious pack. Is Jude Devon’s salvation or her damnation? Are the secrets he’s protecting worth killing for...or dying for?
With a lightning-fast pace, unforgettable characters, and gut-wrenching action, Dark Summer is compelling new terrain for this master storyteller.

My Thoughts:
This was an interesting story. Devon is a vet that is completely devoted to her profession and the animals that she cares for. She meets Jude, a man who has some serious issues and major players after him, when his dog, Ned, gets shot. For the most part, they have a love/hate relationship and don't trust each other at all, but need each other to stay alive and to keep Ned and his 'friends' alive.
I'm really not sure that I liked this book but I didn't dislike it, it was just ok. I love that Devon is so into her job and that the animals are more than just a means of making money to her, they are a passion. Jude is a strange character who demands the respect of his 'team' and has their loyalty while seeming to trust absolutely no one. They are in a race against murderers, friends are enemies, and there is quite a bit of suspense. The twists and turns though the book are frequent but also don't always make sense. I had the ending figured out well in advance so there was no 'surprise' just strangeness.
I give this book a 2/5. If it sounds like something you would like, pick it up at a used book store.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Revenge Served Cold by Jackie Fullerton

Book Description:
Kathy Spence awakens in the middle of the night and finds herself in a living nightmare. Her husband has been run down and she is the primary suspect. With an eyewitness to the crime and proof that her car was the murder weapon, it appears to be an open and shut case. Terrified for her future, Kathy turns to amateur sleuth Anne Marshall for help. Believing in Kathy s innocence, Anne launches her own investigation, uncovering proof of a conspiracy that reaches from Kathy s past and threatens her own life. In a race against time, Anne must count on her close friends and even the ghost of her father to help her bring a killer to justice before it s too late.

My Thoughts:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kathy is a former school teacher who because of her past has a tendency to drink too much. Her loving husband Elliott is run down, with her car and by a woman matching her description. Kathy is the only suspect the police have so her friend turns to Anne for help. Anne is a law student who in the past has helped the police catch a criminal with the help of her deceased father's ghost. Anne puts herself in harm's way to find the truth and make sure the wrong person doesn't go to jail.
I thought I had the book figured out from the beginning but it turned out that I was wrong! I started reading this book and didn't want to put it down until I finished it. The obvious love between Kathy and Elliott is very touching. Anne is a wonderful character, she is so adventuresome, stubborn and loyal that you root for her and worry about her as you read! The fact that Anne is a law student is amusing to me since she breaks laws to solve the crimes but it is also very fitting. I like how her friends warn her and try to disuade her from sticking her nose in the case but then are ready to help as soon as she asks. The paranormal twist to the book with her father's ghost helping her solve the crime is a wonderful addition and well written.
I rate this book a 4/5. It is a good, suspenseful read!

Disclosure: Thank you to The Cadence Group for the review copy! I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson

Book Description:
Women are turning up dead. And Lisa O'Malley digging into a crime means trouble is soon to follow. She's a forensic pathologist and mysteries are her domain. Audio book number three in the O'Malley series brings back Lisa O'Malley and U.S. Marshal Quinn Diamond from The Guardian in a tense investigative thriller. She's not a believer, and her journey toward faith is a fascinating look at how a forensic pathologist views the Resurrection. Quinn has found loving her is easier than keeping her safe. Lisa O'Malley's found the killer, and now she's missing too ...

My Thoughts:
Wonderful book! Lisa is the O'Malley that just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Quinn is a U.S. Marshal and her brother Marcus' partner. He has been a friend of the family for years but Lisa has never really known how to react to him or really act around him. That is even more true now that he's decided to focus his attention on her. Lisa and Quinn work together to figure out how someone has gotten away with murder and gather enough evidence to FIND the murderer.
I'm in love with Quinn. He is a cowboy lawman and has the manners and determination to prove it! Lisa is sweetly nieve with a chip on her shoulder about her chosen profession and seems to need constant supervision to stay out of trouble. When they get together to work on the case, their personal relationship blossoms and is sweet to 'watch' unfold. While they are staling the killer, the killer is stalking Lisa. Their investigation heats up and once again Lisa is in trouble! The other O'Malley family members are in and out of the story and the family interaction is once again wonderful. The plan of salvation was shown simply and the story line shows how Lisa has to work through her issues but God is still there patiently waiting on her when she is ready.

Overall another 5/5 for Dee Henderson's book! This is a great book, get it and read it now!

Guest Blog with Mike Dolan Author of A Pecunious Life

Good morning everyone! I would like you to help me welcome Mike Dolan who is guest blogging with me today!

Mike Dolan
A Pecunious Life - How to Have a Life Abounding in True Wealth

Genre: Self-Help
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Mike was born in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado 43 years ago. He has lived all around this beautiful world of ours, from Europe to Alaska, to his current home in the Middle East. His education is that of the experiences life gives and school is far from being out for him. He is a lover of life, a life adventurist. He loves to travel, meet new people, and experience new cultures. He has been given a great opportunity to see life in a different light and wishes to share this with you.

Here is Mike in his own words:
This is a challenge for me to write. I’m not accustomed to writing about myself. I am a newly published author who believes in the best this life has. I’m a positive energy that is always willing to help those that seek out my help. I am an enabler, a catalyst that’s willing to set the bonfire of your soul aflame. I am nobody.. and yet I am everyone. I have the same feeling, the same hopes, the same desires, and the same dreams you do. Perhaps the one difference is my burning desire to help others come alive to find the dreams once held in my heart. My intent is to help as many people as I possibly can, to bring joy to as many lives as I can, and to empower as many people as I can to find the life of dreams again… My life has been comprised of experience, experiences that have lead me to this point in my life. I wish to share what it is that I have learned along the way so tthat we all will enjoy the time we have.
Today is a new day as is everyday of your life if you so choose. What do I mean by this? It’s simple really… New experiences in our lives always seem to be more exciting, more moving, more beautiful, more of everything. Each day has that energy within it, more specifically your experience of this life as that energy in it. You get to choose how you experience the days of your life. You don’t always get to choose what is within the experience, but you do get to control the way you experience it. Take everyday as a new day, as a new challenge, as a fresh start… Many may balk at this idea due to the nature of how they perceive their own lives, but I would challenge them to try it. If you work in an office where you life is dull, where all you do is sit in a cubicle and push paper. I challenge you to experience it for the first time as if it was your first day. Go in with a smile, say Hi to someone that doesn’t expect it… Experience your day as a new day…

The book A Pecunious Life written by Author Mike Dolan has great advice for improving ones life, not only does the author write details of how to become more wealthy, but he incorporates his own experiences which are woven into lessons of life quality. Learning from the past, learning from mistakes, learning from beliefs or mis-beliefs, life-altering events, and exercises where the author asks you to sit in a quiet place and reflect on the lessons given.

The book is not really about becoming wealthy in the money sense, but wealthy in the spiritual and happiness sense. Could we be happy with less? Happiness is a state of mind-

I found this educational and easy to read and recommend it to adults in need of self-hep, spiritual guides, and for people who need a better life than they have right now.

Reviewed by Ami Blackwelder
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