Monday, July 12, 2010

Full Disclosure by Tamara Tilley

Book Description
A quiet beachfront town. An attempted hit. A shaky romance. An unexpected twist. From the moment you open Full Disclosure, you'll be drawn into the page-turning action that unfolds as Ciara and Jack are thrown together by a hit man's bullet. Was the target meant to be the successful artist that Ciara grew up with, or the mysterious recluse who lives in a sprawling mansion down the beach? You'll be swept into the action, intrigue, and romance that unfold in this quiet, beachfront community. The threat of permanent blindness for the artist and Ciara's lack of trust, which threatens to keep her locked within a wall of protection, cause them to seek God's direction in a more meaningful way that they ever had before. They knew God could meet their needs, but how?

My Thoughts:
This book was ok. Jack is a secret service bodyguard whose job is his life. Ciara is a 'keep everyone at arms length' orphan whose artist friend was shot and blinded. Jack investigates the shooting and finds many things he never expected. He and Ciara clash but there is something that draws them together that they can't resist. They have to hurry to find him before the would be assassin comes back to finish what he started!
I love the fact the author mentions the shows how Christians struggle with doubts, fears and physical relationships outside of marriage. She has a very realistic view of how life actually works. Ciara's character is completely endearing and yet annoying at the same time with her lack of ability to trust. Jack is a 'man's man' that is what most women dream of! Danny is an artist that gets shot and loses her sight but is more ok with it than her best friend Ciara, Danny trusts God to see her through the troubles. The characters are so wonderful and real. The plot was great, but I just felt that there was something missing in this book. The twists and turns weren't really 'surprising'.
Overall I give this book a 3/5. It was good enough to borrow or find used somewhere, but its not one I will keep to read again.


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