Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Secretary Gets Her Man by Mindy Neff

Book Description:
The Agent: Penny Archer, former teenage bookworm, lately of the Texas Confidential secret agency, had finally come home to settle a score. The Target: Sheriff Joe Colter, the most popular boy in his school, was now the local law. He'd never forgotten Penny -- or how he'd once crushed her girlhood fantasy.
The Mission: Coming back to her hometown had only one appeal: show Joe Colter the woman she'd become! Trouble was, she hadn't ralized he could make her feel things she had long forgotten: anticipation, desire... and completion. Suddenly Texas Confidential's most resourceful agent was under fire and in danger -- of losing her heart!

My Thoughts:
This was a fun book to read. I liked that the two main characters were both strong and self assured. Penny is a character from the Texas Confidential Harlequin series. She basically runs the agency office but aspires to be an agent. She has to go back to her home town where she was the 'nerd' who got made a fool of by the star football player, Joe Colter. She is home to clean up her grandmother's estate but strange things started to happen and she has to turn to the one man she is trying to prove herself to for help! Joe is the town sheriff and is protective of his town.
This book makes you remember the people you went to school with and wonder what happened to them. Penny was the nerd who turned into a bombshell. Joe was the jock who was destined for the 'big life' and wound up being the small town sheriff. I liked all the romance, mixed with the suspense. Joe has the 'good ole boy' protect and serve routine and it clashes with Penny's 'don't need a man' outlook, I really like that aspect of the book.
Overall I give this book a 3/5. It was a quick, fun read but it is also an older book that could easily be found in a used bookstore. It does have a story that stays with you after you've finished it and put it on the shelf!


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