Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ghost Mountain by Nichole R. Bennett

Ghost Mountain
Moving is stressful enough, but when Cerri Baker moves with her family to the Black Hills of South Dakota, she begins seeing things—things like murder.
Named after a pre-Christian Celtic Goddess, Cerri has spent her life trying to avoid the spirituality and "hocus-pocus" her mother embraces. Once in the Black Hills, Cerri doesn't seem to have much choice as her spirit guide insists she find justice for a
murdered man. As she struggles with her own destiny, Cerri must also convince the FBI that she is getting her information from another realm and not from first-hand knowledge of the murder.

My Thoughts:
I liked this book. Cherri is a mom, writer, and (against her wishes) a 'chosen one' to help avenge wrongs with the help of the spirit world. She and her family are moving and she gets some information from her spirit guide about a murder that has taken place on one of the Native American 'sacred' places. She calls in an anonymous tip which turns out to not be so anonymous when the FBI shows up at her door with lots of questions. Now she has to convince the stubborn, icy FBI agent that she didn't commit the murder only has information that no one else has....
I honestly wasn't sure how the author was going to fit all this together but she did it well! I love the fact that Cherri wants nothing to do with the 'mumbo jumbo' of the spirit world and even considers if she is crazy or not because of her spirit guide. He Who Watches cracks me up. He is the wise old man, who has his own agenda and a pretty good sense of humor. Agent Oliver is a rude, obnoxious, understandably suspicious man who is convinced Cherri knows more than she is telling, but wouldn't believe her if she told him how she got the information so in his mind, she had to have done it. Cherri's mother and sister are wonderfully fun, her husband amazingly supportive and her children are sweetly real! All the characters are very well developed.
I did feel that the ending felt almost rushed. There are some questions I still have about why certain things randomly happened, but maybe they will be answered in the next book, which I'm looking forward to reading!
I rate it a 4/5. It is a good read, but expect some lingering questions!
Thank you to the author for providing me a free review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


  1. Ashley, thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the novel.


  2. Interesting. This one gets more intriguing the more I read about it.