Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Author Spotlight: And the Beat Goes On by Tracy Krauss

Canadian born archeologist Mark Graham unearths a remarkable discovery while at a dig in the mountains of Zimbabwe – pterodactyl remains and giant human bones buried together. Speculation leads to the possible existence of a mythical race known as ‘Nephilim’, a pre-flood people alleged to have descended from both gods and men.

But skepticism and sabotage delay Mark and his team as the dig site is compromised, putting their discovery – as well as his very life – in grave danger. Deceived and framed by trusted friends and colleagues, Mark struggles to safeguard his findings and protect his reputation in order to unearth the mystery behind the Nephilim.

Review:When archaeologist Mark Graham unearths the remains of a pterodactyl at
a dig site in the mountains of Zimbabwe, his discovery isn’t all that remarkable –that is, until he sees the remains of gigantic human bones buried beside it.  Suddenly, speculation begins to mount about the true nature of the fossils, with most opinions pointing to a mythical ancient race of half-god, half-men known as the Nephilim. However, as he wends his way through the ensuing web of deception, sabotage, and betrayal, Mark struggles to preserve not only his momentous discovery – but also his very life..
Cleverly crafted by author Tracy Krauss, And The Beat Goes On is quitethe satisfying read. Ostensibly a mystery/suspense thriller, Krauss’ engaging narrative is more a subtle commentary on the fundamental tenets of Creationism; however, rather than coming off as preachy or pedantic, Krauss provides the reader with solid facts and historical evidence that anyone will find it difficult to ignore – regardless of your personal belief system. As such, Krauss successfully engages the imagination while simultaneously provoking higher thought, a feat difficult for even the most seasoned writers to achieve. Enlightening and entertaining, And The Beat Goes On is sure to provoke many a heated discussion throughout the faith community and beyond. An enjoyable, recommended read.
Review by Josee Morgan for Apex Review


  1. Hi Tracy,
    Just wanted to stop by and say, hello. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it highly.