Monday, December 17, 2012

Return to Sender by Fern Michaels

Book Description:
At seventeen, Rosalind “Lin” Townsend found herself pregnant and alone. Her deeply religious father threw her out of the house, and Nick Pemberton, her baby’s father, refused to marry her. Yet even at the lowest point in her life, Lin vowed to succeed on her own terms, and to give her son, Will, all the love and happiness she’d been denied.
Nineteen years later, Lin has made good on her promises, and Will is about to start his freshman year at NYU. But when Lin visits New York with Will, she crosses paths with the one man she thought she’d never see again—Nick Pemberton, now a millionaire CEO, and the man who sent back all her letters unopened. Seeing him fills Lin with anger, and she resolves to right the wrong he did to Will. If she succeeds, like she has with everything else, the cost of revenge may be the loss of a bright new future…
My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this book.  Lin was 17 when she got pregnant with her son, Will.  Over the years she sent letters to Will's father that were never opened and always marked 'Return to Sender'.  Now Will is in college in New York and she runs into his father, Nick Pemberton, while there helping Will get settled.  This starts a series of events that may just lead to the ultimate revenge!
I loved Lin and Sally's friendship.  Sally was the grounded friend who didn't mince words.  Lin was too softhearted in the beginning but she toughened up.  I didn't like Nick at all.  He was an arrogant jerk and though I did feel bad for what he was personally going through, I never could make myself like him.  The story line is great, not what I was expecting exactly so that made it even more interesting.
I rate this a 4/5.  It was an enjoyable revenge story!
Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book (via netgalley).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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