Thursday, March 21, 2013

'Til Death by Sharon Sala


He left in handcuffs. Now it’s time to set himself free.

Nearly twenty years after he was wrongly convicted of setting the fire that killed his father, Lincoln Fox returns to Rebel Ridge, Kentucky. There, deep in the Appalachians, the truth of that terrible night lies buried—and he’s sworn to uncover it.

His plans take an unexpected turn when, in the midst of a blizzard, he rescues Meg Walker from her wrecked car. Suddenly Linc discovers another reason to clear his name. Meg, his high school sweetheart, had always believed in his innocence, and if he wants a future with her, he has to show the world proof that she was right.

As the community chooses sides, those who once let a teenage boy take the fall for their crime are forced to raise the stakes. They kidnap Meg, leaving her to the mercy of the mountain. And a second rescue may be more than even Linc can manage….

My Thoughts:
This was a great book.  Lincoln has returned home after serving a sentence for a crime he didn't commit.  He is determined to prove he wasn't the one who killed his father.  Meg is his high school sweetheart and always believed him.  He rescues her when she is trapped in a blizzard and all kinds of strange things begin to happen around her.  While he wants a future with her, he may be putting her in danger from the people who so desperately want him to never uncover the truth.
Meg was a great character.  She had moved on with her life after Linc went to jail.  She married a no-good man whom she divorced after he went to jail for murder.  Linc is a strong, determined man.  His search for the truth takes on more than he expected it to.  I loved the twists and turns this book took.  Just when I thought I knew what was happening, there was something new!
This one is a sure 5/5.  Great story!

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book (via Netgalley).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.