Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Texas K-9 Unit Christmas by Shirlee McCoy and Terri Reed

Book Description:
Holiday Hero by Shirlee McCoy
Emma Fairchild never expected to find trouble in sleepy Sagebrush, Texas. But when she's attacked and left for dead in her own diner, her childhood friend turned K-9 cop Lucas Harwood offers a chance at justice—and love.
Rescuing Christmas by Terri Reed
She escaped a kidnapper, but now a killer has set his sights on K-9 dog trainer Lily Anderson. When fellow officer Jarrod Evans appoints himself her bodyguard, Lily knows more than her life is at risk—so is her heart.
Texas K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed these two novellas.  Emma came home to Sagebrush to take care of her aunt.  She is none to happy about it because she left the town to get away from everyone.  When she is attacked, Lucas comes to her rescue.  Though they haven't seen each other in years, the two of them are still connected and Lucas will do anything to keep Emma Safe.
I loved all the characters in this one.  Emma was stuck on not being happy in Sagebrush, but at the same time it was home.  Lucas came home after everything that happened to him.  He is happy to be there and never expected to find love again.  I really liked Emma's aunt.  Though she is going through a lot, and losing her mind, she is a spunky woman!  The town was also great in how everyone came together to help.  I really wanted this story to be longer because I enjoyed the characters so much!
Lily is trainer of the K-9 partners.  Jarrod is coming to get Max trained by the best, Lily.  When he finds her in the middle of the road, running from someone, his protective instinct goes into overdrive.  Though he doesn't know Lily, he feels he does and the same is true for her.  Now they have to determine if it is her past coming back to find her or something different and even more deadly.
I liked Lily and Jarrod.  The connection they had, almost instantly was rare.  There was some wishy-washy on their feelings that finally got worked out but overall, they were a good match.  Jarrod was protective and not going to let anyone get to Lily if he could stop them.  Lily trying to keep her past and relationships quiet could have been her undoing.  
I rate these a 4/5.  They are really good, quick reads.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book (via netgalley).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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