Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taken by Surprise by Jessica Frances

Taken By Surprise (Taken Trilogy #1)Book Description:
Taken By Surprise (Taken Trilogy #1)

Five strangers scattered across America have three things in common with each other. 

One: They each have special abilities that shouldn’t be possible. 

Two: They’ve all just had people try to kill them. 

Three: They’ve all just been kidnapped and taken away from their home, families and friends. 

Their lives will never be the same as they’re taken to a government facility and told that their abilities mean that they must train to become soldiers and fight. But are they being told the truth? Or is something more sinister going on? They must learn to trust each other and decide if they should stay on this path or run away from it. Either way there is no going back.

My Thoughts:
I was surprised by this book.  Five people are kidnapped.  They are in different locations, different backgrounds, and different in many, many other ways.  There are a few things that connect them.  Each of them has a unique ability, has had someone try to kill them and have been kidnapped.  We learn a lot about the individuals and their lives, but it is what happens when all of them are put together that the government wants to see.  
This story started out slow for me.  The author did a wonderful job of creating the background for the characters and telling their individual stories, but I was ready to get to the 'meat' of the story.  I wasn't disappointed in the least.  I absolutely loved the characters, well the kidnapped ones anyway.  They had no reason to trust each other, but really had no choice either.  They were all in the same boat, being ripped from their lives and placed in a sterile government facility.  I wasn't expecting the people trying to kill them and their identities but that was a great twist.  Overall it was a great story line that I can't wait to follow more of.I rate this a 4/5.  I will absolutely be reading the next in this series. 

Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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