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Author Interview of Sarah Kennedy!

Displaying 0051a5x7.jpgAW: Tell us about yourself…
My name is Sarah Kennedy and I love to write! I have been writing for almost as long as I can remember.  I have taken courses with the Institute of Children's Literature and Long Ridge Writer's Group.

AW: What genera do you write and why?
I am currently writing Fantasy with elements of Sci-fi blended in.  I started writing fantasy in high school as a form of survival in a troubled home environment.  (Long and private story, but the love of the fantastic stuck with me.)  Anyway, I write fantasy now because that is what I love and because there are stories in me that want to be told, and I hope, enjoyed by others. 
 I write other things as well.  As of right now they remain the private musings of an artist but someday they may see the light of another reader's eyes too.

AW: Tell us about your book….
I currently have two books.  Sgarrwrath, Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope is the introduction of the new series, Prophecy of Hope Saga, which I am currently launching with the release of Arising, Prophecy of Hope Book 1.  (available now)  Sgarrwrath is the story of Flame's division.  Flame is the most mysterious and powerful substance in the universe and Sgarrwrath has always wanted access to it.  Flame has always been beyond his reach until now.  Arising continues where Sgarrwrath ends.  Darkness is unleashed!  A world hangs in the balances.  The Time of the Prophecy has begun and so has Sgarrwrath's quest for the return of the Void.  There is only one who can stand against Sgarrwrath.  His name is Mhorag.  Mhorag is Sgarrwrath's greatest desire and also his worst fear.  To bring down the Prophecy and its incarnation, Mhorag, the evil Sgarrwrath declares war on all!

AW: What was your inspiration for this book?
Good question but not one that is easily answered.  The vast majority of the characters were conceived in high school and that difficult time, but Sgarrwrath's name was never written and his part of the story was never told.  Then my brother died suddenly.  Four months later, Sgarrwrath, Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope emerged from my grief and an entire fantasy series was officially born.

 AW: Do you have a favorite character and why that one?
Who can pick just one?  To be honest I would have to say whichever one I am writing at the time is my favorite.  If I have to pick just one I will say, the fallen Guardian Arawn because he is based on my brother.

 AW: Did you find anything particularly difficult in writing this book?
Sgarrwrath just flowed.  Arising went through multiple and drastic changes.  The ending was really hard.  Because the book is quite dark and the series is the "Prophecy of Hope Saga", I wanted the book to end with a touch of Light and hope but also pave the way for the next book, which begins very dark.  So it was hard to find that balance but in the end I think I succeeded.
 AW: What project(s) are you currently working on?
I am currently working on the next book in the Prophecy of Hope Saga.  Entitled:  Mhorag, Prophecy of Hope Book 2  I plan for the series to run at least 7 books.
 AW: Do you have any interesting writing quirks you want to tell us about?
My day must start with a cup of hot tea and most days I like to have mood music in the background.  My favorites include Enya and Celtic Circle; sometimes I like heavier stuff or more classical.  I like to let my characters lead the direction of the story.  Sometimes I find the end result vastly different than "my plan."
 AW: Do you have any advice for writers out there?
We are our own worst critics.  Don't give up.  Silence your demons and follow your dreams.

AW: Where can we find you?  I am also on; 
AW: And of course we have to know, where can we find your book? Plus the order desk of your favorite book store or by calling 888-795-4274 ext.7879


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