Thursday, March 20, 2014

Soul Control by C. Elizabeth

Soul ControlBook Description:
Young Adult Paranormal Romance of love, loss and reconnection.

“Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from evil.”

Words of truth for seventeen-year-old Saydi Gardiner upon discovering her ancestry. But if she has doubts, further confirmation is forthcoming and it comes in the form of a wickedly gorgeous Nathanael Braxton, when he steals her heart and cuddles into her soul – the last place the boy should be.

Nineteen-year-old Nathanael’s unrelenting good looks aren’t the only thing that make him dangerous – and he knows it! However, his caring human self struggles with a loyalty – a loyalty that binds him to the hunt for the soul that will give his family the power they seek. There’s only one problem: When he finds her, Nathanael falls in love with his prey – Saydi.

My Thoughts:
This was pretty good.  Saydi is a 'typical teenager', her father died when she was young but that isn't that unusual.  She has her friends, they hang out, she likes boys, just a typical teenage existence.  Everything changes when a family with triplet boys comes to town.  They are all three hot but Nathanael is who catches Saydi's eye!  She finds out a lot about herself that she never knew and learns about Nthanael.  The relationship between the two isn't what anyone expected.
The author did  a good job with the plot.  Saydi (good), Nathanael (evil) only neither are totally good or evil.  Some things just out right didn't make sense to me, but they weren't 'bad'.  The author's writing style is addictive and you will flip through the pages quickly to see where the story leads next.  I will read more of this author's work and have no doubt they will only get better!
I rate this a 3.5/5.  It was a good, fairly typical YA book.

Thank you to the publisher/author for the review copy of this book (via Pump Up Your Book).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read Soul Control and to write the review. Also, thank you for the compliments. Feedback from you is what makes me a better writer. Thank you so much