Monday, September 26, 2016

Eugenia Destiny and Choice by Georgeos C. Awgerinos

EUGENIA: DESTINY and CHOICEBook Description:
Eugenia Corais—known as Jenny—is a brilliant intellectual who aspires to transform her Columbia University activism into a media crusade. After she crosses paths with Dietrich Neuendorf, a charismatic, unyielding German human rights attorney haunted by his secret family past, they quickly fall in love.
Meanwhile, eight thousand miles away, in Southern Africa, Rhodesian white settlers break away from the British Commonwealth and are surrounded by hostile Africans demanding immediate independence. The UN imposes an embargo on the former colony, while the hardline Rhodesian regime declares a state of emergency. As violence in the country intensifies, Dietrich is offered a job there to investigate civil rights violations, and a few weeks later, Jenny flies to Africa to join him. Together, they begin a dangerous journey in a tumultuous country on the brink of war.

When Jenny meets an armaments contractor, an unscrupulous man of immense power and oppressive colonial military background, she will encounter a shadow government operating behind the mainstream political smokescreen. She will also discover a dark side she never knew existed – her own.

Jenny’s personal saga unfolds on a historical canvas that spans from cabaret Berlin and wartime Europe to the American Civil Rights era, the anti-Vietnam War protests, and the explosive final days of colonial Africa. EUGENIA: Destiny and Choice charts a quest for human awareness and social conscience in a political dystopia. The epic narrative follows three compelling characters tested by love and promiscuity, moral conflicts and momentous circumstances.

My Thoughts:
This book will make you think.  I started out thinking it wasn't going to be a 'deep' book, but it quickly proved me wrong.  Jenny is a character that I really liked and enjoyed watching grow through the book.  Really, she changed a lot and learned quite a bit about herself as she did!  She and Dietrich are both dedicated to fighting for causes.  They are married and move to Africa for Dietrich to fight for justice there.  
Jenny meets Desmond and he is a typical bad guy.  The whole book involves political issues, civil rights and love/moral issues.  They are all woven together and the author does a good job of teaching about history without seeming to.  Overall this was a good book.  It is not a 'shallow' or quick read but rather one that you will think about long after you finished reading.
It was a 4/5 for me. Honestly, not my usual book but the author did a good job in spinning this one!

Thank you to the publisher/author for the review copy of this book (via PUYB).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine. 


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