Thursday, August 10, 2017

Laila's Crown (The Avalon Relics) by Jennifer Yen

The Avalon Relics: Laila's Crown (Book 3)Book Description:
She closes her eyes, and as she focuses on the object, words suddenly pop into her head. Her voice is haunting as she recites the phrases.

"Find the truth within the word, revealed in rhyme and riddle; Release the power from the first, bring balance to the middle."

At that, the Meriditom begins to spin rapidly, with a ball of light growing from within its center. 

As it enlarges, Sophia's body starts to rise off the ground, her arms outstretched and her eyes glowing with a ring of gold.

When a series of unexpected events unfold before Sophia's quering, the Council decides to task her with reassembling the famed Origo key. Long rumored to unlock the location of Laila's missing crown, the key's pieces have been spread throughout the realm, discoverable only by a seeker with the purest of hearts.

Entrusted with the key's center element, the Meriditom, Sophia and her friends embark on a quest across the outer lands in search of the five remaining pieces. Between the grueling challenges she must endure at each location and the growing tension between Damien and Michael, Sophia begins to wonder if the magic she seeks is worth the sacrifice.

Will the Fearless Five succeed in completing the Origo key, or will a stunning betrayal stop them in their tracks and claim the life of another?

My Thoughts:
I couldn't wait to get back to my merry band of (hopefully) real savers. I absolutely adore these characters. I got a bit annoyed a couple of times but that was the author's intent. Sophia still doesn't understand all of the rules and laws that guide her new homeland. The search for these pieces is intense and I wasn't sure we were all going to make it (yes, I said we because I swear I was there). The story didn't slow down and I didn't want to skim over it but devoured the book as quickly as I could.  The ending I kinda saw coming but was still left unprepared for it all. I just want more and to find out what happens to these characters. 
5/5 for me. Ready for the next book!


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