Friday, September 20, 2019

Court of Blood and Void by Meg Xuemeix narrated by Victorie Mei

A Court of Blood and Void: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance  audiobook cover artPublisher's Summary

They call me beautiful. They call me a monster. Soon, they'll call me death.
As a direct descendant of the God of Death, Cassandra SaƩlihn is considered the most dangerous monster of all time. Her own mother locks her in a cage to protect the world from her. Cass thought this jail would be her world for a lifetime, but then four sexy, formidable warriors - a vampire lord, twin fae princes, and a demigod - find her.
They claim she's not a monster, but a powerful weapon. The Olympian gods have begun to destroy the Earth with a vengeance, and only she can stop and kill them. But Cass has a mind of her own and can't be told what to do, no matter how drawn she is to her four warrior saviors. To their dismay, the four warriors can't tame the wild, cunning, and volatile Cass. But they have a bigger problem - their growing attraction toward her.
To turn the woman they desire into the ultimate weapon and ensure Earth's survival, they'll have to conquer her body and heart, which seems even harder than winning the war against the atrocious gods. But nothing turns these alpha males on more than an impossible dare. And nothing turns Cass on more than being stalked.

Warning: This is a full-length reverse harem fantasy/paranormal romance that features one hell of strong woman and her four powerful supernatural mates. It contains brutal battles, explicit love scenes, raw language, magic, sword fights, Greek gods, dark fae, vampires, and shifters.

My Thoughts:
I was excited to read this book but honestly, it was not my cup of tea. Cass, our main character, is just a foul mouthed brat. From the way she has been treated by her mother, I can understand having walls up and not trusting easily. Still, she had a horrible mouth and was completely full of herself. She is rescued and treats them horribly. Of course, there is a reason she is rescued and that is because of what they hope she can do for them but they force nothing.
The narrator did a good job with the voices and making them come to life. Each of the characters had their own voice and personality through her. The men of the book were interesting and (of course) all hot. I just couldn't get past her to enjoy them. 
As a book, it was a 1-2/5, the narrator did a good job and I would rate her a 3/5.

I received a copy of this audiobook from audiobookobsession review group, I was not required to write a positive review.

**Contains Adult themes and LOTS of language**


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