Monday, March 8, 2021

Aeroreh by Jesikah Sundin and narrated by Olivia King



Unless she unlocks the powers of her mind.

He fights his Otherworld shadow self.

And with only fae magic to re-spin their tales.

Princess Æroreh Rosen was faerie blessed before her birth. To promote the New Dawn Era, the Queen coded her daughter with every feminine perfection.

Beauty. Gentleness. Obedience. Musicality. Kindness. Grace. Good cheer.

Hunger and lung sickness plague the Kingdom of Ealdspell. But Æroreh is plugged into The Dream, a program created by a sect of faeries to control the realms through illusions of beauty and contentment. All Æroreh has ever known is blissful servitude to a cursed system, and she believes her realm is prospering. Until a different faerie sect decides to wake her sleeping mind and set her true magic free.

Meanwhile, Félip Batten MacKinley holds a dangerous secret. One made more threatening by the frostbite scar across his cheek. He’s spit on, beaten, and demonized by a community that values a pretty face over all else. With no easy future in sight, he accepts that he’ll die a burden to his foster parents, his true history erased. But a tempting offer from the faerie’s Fate Maker leads Félip to cross paths with the hauntingly beautiful Æroreh—a young woman who represents all he loathes.

Yet only she has the power to awaken a new Dream.

Æroreh is a gritty spin on the romantic tale of Sleeping Beauty and blends faerie magic and pagan ritual with high technology. For fans of Margaret Rogerson, Holly Black, fairy tales, and young adult dystopian fantasy.

My Thoughts:

This is a unique book.  I can honestly say I've never read one like it before.  It mixes magic and technology where sometimes you are going which is it!?  The author does great with the story because it never gets boring and you don't want to stop reading it.  The Narrator does an amazing job with the voices.  I was so impressed!

This is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty and I love a good fairy tale retelling.  This one was just so unique that I can't get over it.  It says book 1 and set up for book 2 so I cannot wait to hear more.  Aeroreh and Felip are some awesome characters that have some characteristics from the 'typical' telling of Sleeping Beauty, but also so much more and some so different.  I recommend this for anyone who likes new and original fairy tale retellings!

5/5 for me.

Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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