Monday, February 28, 2022

Who Are You Following by Sadie Robertson Huff

 Book Description:

If influencers have power over us, who are you allowing to influence you? 

In an online world obsessed with follows and likes, it’s important to consider what you’re really searching for. When you follow someone, it’s typically because you want to be like them or live like they do­–but who have you placed as your role models? 

In Who Are You Following? bestselling author and social media personality Sadie Robertson Huff dives deep into exploring who we are allowing to influence our daily thoughts and actions. With an excellent grasp of scriptural truths, using current research, surveys, and personal and biblical stories, Sadie draws on her own experience as a social media influencer and addresses topics such as

how to go from being liked to being truly loved
our true motives for fame
being seen from the outside versus being known
comparing ourselves to others
questioning why did I post that?!

how to respond to cancel culture
wondering does God still love me?

This book is perfect for young Christians wondering how they can live a vibrant, bold, and uncompromising life of faith in God by following the Messiah–the ultimate influencer. Discover the love, purpose, and fulfillment that is found only in Jesus.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book and the accompanying journal.  They look amazing and having my hands on them, the books are quality and I love how well they are linked.  Sometimes an accompanying journal doesn't exactly fit with the book, but this one is almost seamless.  I loved and hated this book.  Ok, in all reality I loved it all, but I really hated how it made me realize some things about me and my life.

Being a Christian isn't just something I say I am, it is me.  But are others seeing that or am I being influenced by the wrong things in life?  I hate to admit how much I had to take a step back and realize I need to be more careful about what I put in my circle to be an influence.  This is a book I will be telling lots of my friends and family that they might want to pick up.  I really think it is just great.


Thank you to the author/publisher for the review copy of this book via FrontGateMedia.   


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