Sunday, October 2, 2011

Treasuring Emma by Kathleen Fuller

Book Description:
Emma always put the needs of others ahead of her own. When will it be her turn to be treasured?
Adam was her first love and best friend. But then he went away. Determined to experience the freedom of living in the Englisch world, he left Emma heart-broken. How could he have chosen the world over her?
Now Adam is back in Middlefield and Emma can't seem to keep him away from her family's farm. But this time she's determiend to guard her heart. It might be love that keeps him there . . . or perhaps just guilt.
When a newcomer arrives in town and shows an interest in Emma, she dismisses Adam's insistence that she be cautious. All this attention is new to her and she doesn't know quite how to accept it. Emma knows her Heavenly Father treasures her. But will her new beau?

My Thoughts:
This book was pretty good. Emma has spent her life caring for people. Now her mother has passed and she needs to pay the bills. Her 'lost love' has left and joined the English lifestyle. Her grandmother interfears and contacts him. Her sister has a different idea to pay the bills and causes stresses. Suddenly Emma has some attention that is unexpected and doesn't know how to handle it.
The author did a good job with the characters. We don't just get the stories of the main characters but of the support characters as well. The plot was somewhat predictable but overall it was good. I liked Emma was so giving and she wasn't vain.
I rate this a 4/5. It is a good Christian Amish fiction.

Thank you to Booksneeze for the review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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