Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reluctant Burglar by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Book Description:

The Art of Art Thievery

When Hiram Jacobs is murdered, the responsibility for his internationally renowned security company falls upon his daughter, Desiree. But a container full of stolen paintings screams the ugly truth—that her father was a thief. Option A: Turn the goods over to the law, disgrace her father’s name, destroy their business, put people out of jobs, and embarrass international museums with the fact that they have been displaying clever forgeries. Option B: Surrender the art to the bad guys. But then she becomes an unwilling accomplice to the thieves, and her father’s murderer would walk free. Worse, a death threat warns her not to cooperate with federal agents. Can she trust God to guide her down the right path when no option seems right…let alone safe?

Art stole her heart…

Now can she return the favor?

If Desiree Jacobs knows anything, it’s art. Her father, whose security company is internationally renowned, taught her everything he knew. Most of all, he taught her about honor. Integrity. Faith. So surely God will forgive her for despising the one man determined to destroy her father’s good name?

Special Agent Tony Lucano knows Hiram Jacobs is an art thief. But what he can’t figure out is Desiree. Is she the innocent victim…or a clever accomplice?

Then Hiram is murdered. And along with his company, he leaves Desiree a hidden container full of stolen paintings. But she can’t admit her father was a thief! That would destroy their business, put people out of jobs, and embarrass international museums that have been displaying clever forgeries. No, she must find out why her honest father would turn criminal. And she must return the priceless art to the rightful owners without their knowledge. Even if it means facing down a ring of cutthroat art thieves…or accepting help from the man she most distrusts.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved this book! Desiree Jacobs is stuck in a hard position. Her deceased father ran a security company that is known and respected...but he was also an art thief. She has few options, none with a positive outcome! The bad guys want the paintings back, the FBI want the truth and she has a short time to figure out how to make her father's disastrous decisions into something positive!

The author did a wonderful job with this whole book. Desiree is put in a difficult position that no one would want to be in and is inventive in her choice! Tony is set to figure this case out but doesn't understand one thing about it...Desiree. The attraction between the two is great, Desiree's decision inventive and the suspense is great! I love how the author wove God throughout but wasn't 'in your face' about it, it just seemed natural.

I rate this a 5/5. This one stays on my keeper shelf.


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