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Armin Feldman & Dorene Sager Guestblog & Contest Info!

My brother, Armin Feldman, and I (Dorene Sager) have written what we feel is a great cookbook with scrumptious Jewish recipes.  It’s titled Our Mother’s Recipes, Carrying on a Tradition of Jewish Foods and Jewish Recipes.  All of the recipes come from a treasure trove of our mother’s recipes we discovered after she passed away.  In getting our mom’s things in order we found hundreds of hand written and typed recipes she had stored in several shopping bags.
Not only did we write a cookbook, we also shot a TV pilot for our cooking show.  The show mixes our mom’s great Jewish recipes with a little Yiddish thrown in for good measure.  You can see the pilot at
Why Yiddish? It’s because we learned it growing up in a Jewish household.  Yiddish has also crept into the English language and most people don't even know it.  What is Yiddish?  It's a Germanic language originally spoken by the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe. As the Jewish people migrated to the United States, they brought their fabulous recipes and their Yiddish along.
A favorite American food is the bagel.  Those ring-shaped rolls are first boiled and the dough is then baked in the oven.  Bagel is a Yiddish word and originally an Eastern European Jewish dish.  Bagels are delicious, but made even more delightful if you add a schemer (large spread) of cream cheese or butter.  Schmeer actually has a double meaning.  Didn't you hear about the politician who got a schmeer (bribe)?
We remember as kids watching a football game one fall. The announcer gave a bio on one of the players.  He finished by saying "that's the whole megillah" (story).  The glitch (a minor malfunction) was that the big macher (important person) didn't know he was speaking Yiddish.
Okay, you get the point.  Now schlep (drag, haul or travel) out the cream cheese and lox (smoked salmon), and schmeer it on your favorite kind of bagel.  You’ll have a fabulous nosh (snack) and now you've got the whole megillah!  By the way, then schlep over the gym and work off a few calories so you’ll be ready to start making fabulous dishes from our cookbook.
lease let us know what you think of the cookbook.  Ciao!  Did we say chow? (how appropriate is that) even though it’s not the least bit Yiddish!

Dorene Sager

Armin Feldman and Dorene Sager
Book:  Our Mother's Recipe's
Genre: Jewish Cookbook
Video Intro:
Dorene Sager and Armin Feldman are sister and brother.  the idea for the cookbook sprang from the discovery of a treasure trove of their mother’s recipes after she passed away. Now Our Mother’s Recipes, Carrying On a Jewish Tradition is a Web site, a cookbook, a TV show and a place to learn about what the best Jewish cuisine has to offer.
 Dorene Sager: Dorene represents the best of so many different things. Dorene is a cookbook author, a wife and mother, a commercial real estate broker, a devoted family member, a true friend and so much more.  Dorene is a fantastic cook in her own right. She learned a lot about cooking from her mother, Helen Feldman.  Dorene is married and has three children and 6 grandchildren.  Dorene and her husband just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Dorene enjoys reading, movies, playing canasta, and of course cooking.
 Dorene says,
 I had so much fun working with my brother putting together all of the different ways to showcase our mother’s recipes.
Armin Feldman: Armin wears a number of hats too. Armin is a cookbook author, husband, dog lover, supporter of friends and family, medical doctor and a lot more. Armin is also a wonderful cook.  From the time they could reach the kitchen counter, their mother taught Dorene and Armin how to make traditional Jewish recipes. If you watch the videos on their website, , you can feel the joy these siblings radiate while cooking their mother's recipes.  You can also sign up for the recipe of the week sent right to your email address.
Armin says, What a treat to work with the best sister ever in creating all of these venues to showcase our mother’s remarkable culinary skills.
Add a wonderful cuisine to your everyday meals and special gatherings. Traditional Jewish cooking is flavorful, fun and hearty particularly with Our Mother's Recipes, Carrying on a Jewish Tradition. These recipes have been handed down through many generations influenced by Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Spanish, German and Eastern European styles of cooking. In our family all of these cultural influences were combined, synthesized and affected by local ingredients through the years resulting in sumptuous, rich and wonderfully fulfilling traditional Jewish dishes. Try our mother's farfel instead of noodles. Replace that tired chocolate cake with some really yummy Helen Feldman brownies or warm fruit compote. You will have the secret to Jewish penicillin, chicken soup with matzo balls. There's enough here to keep you going for years of great food, family, friends and memories to enjoy.
There will b a virtual book tour starting on December 15th. see the vtb banner.
The full schedule is on
The Book Launch will be on February 1.  Anyone who buys the book from Amazon on February 1 will get 10 entries into the Book Launch Contest.  There are other ways to get entries.  One is to comment on three of the blogs on the tour days.  See the schedule.
To get your entries and to find out how to get more entries visit to access the contest form .
The prizes:
$100.00 Amazon Gift Certificate for a Kindle
Two $50.00 Amazon Gift Certifcates
Authors can choose a video book trailer or Facebook Welcome Page instead of the Kindle.


  1. Oh this looks like so much more fun than just a cooking show. I love the idea of learning the Yiddish words and as I read your post I realized that I have used some many times not realizing.