Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Going Gone by Sharon Sala

Book Description:

The final storm of the season could be their last. 

After barely escaping death when her plane crashed deep in the Rocky Mountains during a snowstorm, Laura Doyle is left with a lingering fear for her life. Her lover, FBI agent Cameron Winger, reassures her that he found her then and always will. But Laura is right to be afraid, because when their engagement is announced it signals to a madman that it's time for his killing spree to begin again.

Twice thwarted by Cameron and his partners, the Stormchaser pairs random acts of God with deliberate acts of evil. His final act of vengeance will finish his twisted vendetta by taking from Cameron the thing he loves most: Laura.

As law enforcement struggles to connect the gruesome murders he's committed to mask his return, the Stormchaser draws closer to his true target. But Cameron and Laura don't realize they're in the eye of the storm—and this time, being unprepared for the onslaught could spell disaster.

My Thoughts:
Awesome book.  Laura is the only survivor of a plane crash and uses all her resources to stay alive until the rescue team can get to her.  Cameron and the rescuers search for survivors and Laura is the only one found.  After they make it back, they announce their engagement and that starts a series of trouble.  Stormchaser is determined to get Laura and exact his revenge on the three agents.  Cameron and Laura try to guard against trouble, but it seems there is no way out of this particular storm unscathed.  
This book starts off with action and never lets go.  Cameron is such a strong character and wonderful man.  He and is determined to protect Laura.  Laura is resourceful and not easily frightened.  I loved getting back into this series and these characters.  The story line flowed and was intense.  Once I started, I couldn't put this one down and read it all in one sitting.
Absolutely a 5/5.  Perfect ending to this series.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book (via netgalley).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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