Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two Empty Thrones by C.H. MacLean

Two Empty Thrones (Five in Circle, #2)Book Description:
With her powers growing every day, fourteen-year-old Haylwen Rightad thinks she’s safe in the magical forest. And now that she finally has the friends she always wanted, what is there to be afraid of?
But she’s not out of the woods yet. Old enemies rip through her beloved forest, threatening to haul Haylwen and her newfound friends away. Their safety shattered, Haylwen and her friends are suddenly at each other’s throats. Is the friendship she worked so hard for already ruined, or is there another, unseen enemy at work?
Haylwen and her brother must unmask this mysterious enemy before they can fight it off. But even if all their enemies are destroyed, the King of the magic users will stop at nothing to ensure he’s still in power when the dragons take over the world. And he’s hidden an enemy where Haylwen would never think to look. 
If no one is what they seem, who can she trust?
With a mysterious prophecy, magical secrets and dragons, Two Empty Thrones is the second book following siblings Haylwen and Cadarn as they face their fears and come to discover they have powers they never dreamt of — and a destiny only they can fulfill.

My Thoughts:
Good book!  Haylwen is now in the forest and safe.  She is happy with everything, especially having friends.  She and her brother, Cadarn, have been through much but it looks like more is to come.  The safety and peace aren't to last.  Apparently, neither are the much cherished friendships as they start querrling and basically hating each other...then again maybe there is someone or something else causing all this trouble?  The siblings must figure out what is going on before everything they've grown to love is destroyed.
I still love the characters in these books.  I felt how they wanted friends and safety, then their satisfaction/happiness at getting those.  The fear they felt when everything began to come unraveled.  I think the author did a great job with the story line.  Magic, dragons and young adults....it was a great combination.  The first book was good and the second even better.  Loved this book!  5/5.  You need to read the first book, One is Come first but both books are great.

Thank you to the author/publisher for the review copy of this book (via PUYB).  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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