Sunday, January 3, 2016

Enmity by Alexia Purdy

Enmity (The ArcKnight Chronicles #3)Book Description:
The City of Temple harbors all kinds of supernaturals, even those whose destinies have been petrified in stone.
Ephrem’s on a desperate search for his love, Princess Lilliana, who’s disappeared along with an ancient gargoyle shifter who claims she’s the answer to his family’s legacy. Time is not on Ephrem’s side, and he must race to find the city’s long-forgotten catacombs in order to save its inhabitants before an ancient and malevolent gargoyle army is awoken.
At odds for years, the ArcKnight and MarkTier packs of Temple must work together against this new threat before all is lost, and everything they’ve built falls to ruin.

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My Thoughts:
LOVE this series.  Lily is not where she wants to be.  She wants Ephrem.  He is searching for her, but must go to her sister for help.  Lily is said to be the 'savior' of the pack she discovered.  Only thing is, she didn't 'discover' them, they were looking for her.  She is the reincarnation of their princess who is said to be able to bring the gargoyle shifters back and stronger than ever.
Still love these characters.  Glad some of them got what they deserved.  I'm starting to think this author loves to torture her readers with what is coming next! Lily is strong but confused.  Ephrem will find her no matter what he has to do.  There is a lot of sadness and anger but hope too.  I cant wait for the 4th in this series to come out!!!
Another 5/5 for this series.  Read the first 2 and then this one for it to make sense!


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