Thursday, August 4, 2016

Violet Chaser (Episodes 1-6) by Erica Reeder

Violet Chaser by [Reeder, Erica]Book Description:
A faerie and a vampire walk into a bar… 
Don’t wait for a punchline. There isn’t one. This isn’t a joke. It’s the moment that changed my life. Here I was just minding my own business when in walked the most dangerous man I’d ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t be distracted by his delicious muscles though. I had a case to worry about. A case that involved the death of a faerie and might just find me putting my entire race in jeopardy. I couldn’t do that though. Could I? I mean even if I had went AWOL, I was still a faerie princess. I’d just found out I was better at throwing punches than kissing babies. After all, not everyone wants to grow up to be a faerie princess, you know.

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There are six episodes total, each about 45-60 pages long. 

This is the full box set of all 6 episodes: 

1. Glimmer of Fate 
2. Glimmer of Fear 
3. Glimmer of Prey 
4. Glimmer of Hope 
5. Glimmer of Darkness 
6. Glimmer of Death 

My Thoughts:
I liked this book because it was different.  Cy is a Faerie who is a bounty hunter in the human world.  Her relationship with her mother is a good portion of the reason she doesn't live with her own kind.  I like how she is her own person and doesn't just follow orders and the crowd.  When she meets Sven, everything changes.  She has never felt this way about anyone, even Anthony!
Sven is a vampire, the one thing Cy cannot stand.  The constant interference of the other faeries in Cy's life was annoying and I felt horrible for her.  She couldn't do anything without one of them knowing about it.   As a bounty hunter, it isn't her job to investigate murders but when she goes to tell the clients that, she just cannot say no.  The secondary characters are made to shine in this story as well, not just Cy and Sven.
It was a 4/5 for me.  The author weaves a very addicting story!


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