Thursday, October 6, 2016

Paths of Destiny by Cris Pasqueralle

Paths of Destiny AudiobookBook Description:
Wizard twins Jack and Maddie Austin have been separated, finding their own paths while discovering their powers. In this continuation of Destiny Revealed, Jack wants nothing more than to defeat the evil Tardon, a constant threat to his family's lives, but Maddie has been given a different perspective. Only when the two are reunited can the truth be exposed. As new friends and enemies join the adventure, only one thing is certain: the twins are stronger when they're together, and together, they can defeat evil once and for all.

My Thoughts:
This is the second in this series and really just as good as the first.  This one picks up shortly after Destiny Revealed ended and shows where Jack and Maddie are and what they have been doing.  Jack still has issues and is sometimes still a sullen kid, but I loved watching him grow and change.  Maddie is still naive and sweet but is coming into her own.  The characters that we get to know and love in book one are here again.
There is an emotional roller coaster through this book with betrayal on several levels, tough decisions, jealousy, and danger.  Most of the new characters we met, I liked.  Some I wasn't sure about to begin with but the author did a good job weaving them into the story and making them a part of it all.  Overall, this series is great.
I bought this one because my kids enjoyed the first one so much and I have to say, they loved this one as well and are impatiently waiting on book 3 to come out!  
It was a 5/5 for us.  Great continuation on this story.


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