Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Island of Silence by Lisa McMann

Island of Silence (The Unwanteds Series, Book 2)Book Description:
Second book in the middle grade dystopian fantasy series, Unwanteds.

The battle is over. The magical barrier between the dreary land of Quill and the fantastical world of Artimé is gone. Now residents of both places are free to mingle, but tensions are high. The artistic warriors of Artimé struggle to forgive those in Quill who condemned them to death, while the Quillens attempt to recover from the shock of Artime’s existence, the loss of their leader, and the total collapse of their safe, orderly world.

14-year-old Alex Stowe has recovered from his physical wounds since his death-defying role in Artime’s victory, but his confidence is shattered. He battles self-doubt after Artimé’s beloved mage, Mr. Today, makes a stunning request, which is further complicated by the mysterious arrival of two silent, orange-eyed teenagers.

Meanwhile in Quill, Aaron is devastated by his fall from grace and seething with anger toward his twin brother Alex. Spurred by rage, Aaron recruits a team of Restorers and devises a masterful plan of revenge that will return him to power… if no one gets in his way.

My Thoughts:
I am loving listening to this series with my kids.  This one was great and terrible at the same time.  My 9 year old is the one who is really into it, but the 7 year old enjoys it as well.  Alex is a hero and Mr. Today is set on how life should proceed.  I like that we see things from both Alex and his twin brother, Aaron's points of view.  I must say I really still don't like Aaron at all.  
Artime is still a magical place but this one shows how quickly life can change.  I laughed, cried, got angry and happy.  This book is really well written and I believe can teach some lessons.  Alex needs to believe in himself more and there are lots of trust issues.  Not to mention the other islands and some new characters we meet.  There was something that happened that I was completely shocked by but I understand why the author did it (though I so don't like it).  I need to listen to the next book to see what happens!
It was a 5/5 for me.  I'm really starting to love these characters.


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