Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests) by Lisa McMann

Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests, #1)Book Description:

Ten years after Alex and Aaron Stowe brought peace to Quill and Artimé, their younger twin sisters journey beyond the islands in this first novel of a new sequel series to The Unwanteds, which Kirkus Reviews called “The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter.”

Identical twins Fifer and Thisbe Stowe have amazing yet uncontrollable magical abilities. They’re naturally more gifted than even their brother, Alex, the head mage of Artimé, could hope to be. But when they accidentally use their magic in the jungle of Artimé to strike down a beloved creature, Alex is furious, and threatens to lock them away until they can learn to control their power.

The threat is soon forgotten, though, when Hux, the ice blue dragon, comes to Artimé bearing the horrible news that his siblings have been enslaved by the notoriously evil Revinir, ruler of the dragon land.

Seeking a chance to right their wrong and escape their brother’s wrath, Thisbe, Fifer, and their friend Seth sneak away to rescue the dragons from grave peril. Will their untrained abilities be enough to save the dragons—and themselves—when they come face-to-face with the Revinir?

My Thoughts:
Honestly, I did not enjoy this book as much as I did the Unwanteds Series.  The change of narrarator took some getting used to.  I understand why it happened, this series focuses on the twin girls and not Alex and Aaron.  Still, the change in voices was a distraction.  Then, the drastic change in Alex was not a good thing.  I still enjoy seeing how Aaron has changed and the new things going on in his life, but Alex is just not the same.
The twins seem like spoiled brats.  They don't care who they get into trouble or hurt as long as they are entertained.  They stress Alex and don't seem to care that he is trying to keep everyone safe becasue it isn't what they want to happen.  So they and their best friend lie and go on a quest that they are quite ill prepared for, leading to more people in trouble.
Personally, I didn't care for the book, my 10 year old was ok with it, but had the same issues I had.  My 7 year old liked it better than either of us but still prefered the previous series.  We will continue on because the book ends on a cliffhanger and my younger wants to know what happens.  I guess this book is for a younger audience than the original series.  I'm hoping because of everything the characters have gone through, they will grow up a bit.
It leveled out to a 4/5 for us.  


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