Thursday, June 14, 2018

Deadly Dance by Eliza Tilton

Deadly Dance (Daath Chronicles, 2.5)
Book Description:
Talk of war has reached Lakewood and Derrick is busy day and night crafting weapons and armor for his father, which keeps him from thinking of Jeslyn and how she left. When Lucy shows up at his shop, smirking, and talking about Jeslyn's mysterious disappearance, he's ready to slice off her head; instead, he decides to see if her claims about Jeslyn and Lucino vanishing together are true.

As Derrick and Lucy embark on a hunt to find Jeslyn and Lucino, their hatred will turn into mutual acceptance as the trail will lead them into Nomad's land and straight into war.

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed this novella.  It takes place between books 2 & 3 in this series and follows Derrick. I really liked Derrick in book 1 and missed him in the second one so it was good to catch up.  I was heartbroken for him because Jeslyn wouldn't marry him and he obviously still loves her.  So muc so that he agrees to go with Lucy (uber bad chick) to go in search of Jeslyn and Lucino. 
I enjoyed the changing of emotions between the two of them.  Lucy has always seemed like there was more to her but she is so wickedly powerful.  Derrick is smart and strong. I loved how he was immune, that was so smart.
If you are reading the series, this is a must.  
4/5 for me and on to book 3 :) 


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