Monday, November 22, 2010

The Jury (Sisterhood Book 4) by Fern Michaels

Book Description:
The women of the Sisterhood know life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean they have to like it--or let it pass. Instead, these best friends share their joys, troubles, triumphs, heartaches, and one collective mission: to right wrongs and bring justice where it is desperately needed. Even reeling from loss of one of their own, the Sisterhood is always prepared to rally behind a new friend. For years, Paula Woodley has suffered the broken bones and shattered self-esteem caused by an abusive marriage. But what can she do? Her high-profile, Washington powerbroker husband is not a man to be crossed. Or so he thinks. The Sisterhood may not be an organization found in any of his memos, but he's about to take a meeting with them--and they'll be setting the agenda.

My Thoughts:
I am loving this series! It is Nikki's turn for revenge and she is having problems coming to terms with what she believes the sisterhood expects her to do. She is given a reprieve from having them come down on her when a lawyer in her office crosses the line and the clients are horrible. Then Paula Woodley showed up and needed the sisters' help and how could they turn her away? It didn't matter that his best friend was the President of the United States or that he had personal problem for the sisters!
I very much enjoyed the further development of characters. I am sooo loving the sisterhood, and each of the characters is wonderful. The focus on Nikki this time was so interesting. She has a lawyer's mind but so many emotional struggles in her personal life. I absolutely LOVED the revenge portion of the book. Not to mention how each of the sisters, Charles, and so many of the other wonderful characters fit into it.
4/5 this book is a wonderful addition to the series and I very much enjoyed reading it. Great for a mildly suspenseful wonderfully fun read!


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