Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guest Blog Kristin Roisin

I was asked a rather interesting question not too long ago. It's one that lurks around, in the alleyways of my brain, popping up at the most unusual times. It's a question, that even in it's utterly harmless way, has consumed a great deal of my own brain power, to figure it out.
"How do you come up with your original names?"
This isn't something I'd ever thought about before. The names I've given characters, or places... They've just always, well, been. Or have they? These names had to come from somewhere, right? I mean, I wasn't born with them, lingering in my head. So, where did Desta Rayne, or Morrigan Rosen, or the Village of Tealsyleene come from?
Sometimes, it was an idea. Like Desta. Logan needed a soulmate. Someone destiny had ordained just for him. Hmm.. Destiny. That's pretty.... But kind of cheesy. And obvious... So... I tweaked it. And Desta was born.
Sometimes, a lot of work goes into a name. Like Morrigan. Inherently Irish. Heart of gold. Rough, thorny exterior. Very much like a rose. Skip to a page filled with Irish and Gaelic names. Fast forward 18 letters, and Rosen was penned. (Of course, after some tweaking. Haha)
And believe it or not, sometimes, a name is born, out of nothing more, and a typo. My husband and I used to roleplay. Online, in chats and forums. A sort of updated, electronic version of Dungeons and Dragons. And he'd made ONE mention of a town name he'd heard. I liked it, but didn't give it much thought until I was ready to create Desta. A couple of years later. In her backstory, I needed a place of origin. "What was the name of that place?" "Shoot.... what was it!?"
Tealsyleene. "Aah, It's close enough."
Imagine my surprise, when my husband smirked, in that way he does, that tells me, "I'd laugh, but I know you hate being laughed at."
"Is that supposed to be Tearsylene?"
"Shut up."
"It's okay. I actually like Tealsyleene better. Very nice."
Sometimes... typos aren't such a bad thing, huh?

Serenity approached the front door to the loft. She was determinedto fix the mess that had become her life. If it was the last thing she did,Serenity vowed to keep her marriage together. She would just have tosomehow convince Logan that he wasn’t as pivotal or vital in theother’s lives as they all believed.
Perhaps she could convince him to move her to Venice. He wouldhave er to focus on then. She would think on that later. For now, shewould focus her efforts on making everything in the loft appear normal.As she started to enter the code into the keypad, she her the doorclick open. Preparing herself, she took in a deep breath, andstraightened her dress, hoping to keep Logan off his guard.
As the door opened, the sweet smile Serenity displayed faded, as shegazed upon the petite, but fierce red-head. “Let me in. I want to seeLogan.” She said, stepping forward to push herself past Morrigan.Morrigan braced herself in the doorway, allowing Serenity to walkinto her arm. “Aye. I’m afraid that’s no’ possible.” Morrigan said.
“Don’t play Logan’s strong arm with me. This is my home, now letme pass!” Serenity yelled.
“Morrigan squared her shoulders. “And don’t you go playin’ at theLady of the Manor, with me.” Morrigan retorted. “…for you are neithera resident…nor a lady.”
Serenity huffed. “Just let me in so I can speak to Logan.”
“I can’t. He’s not here.” Morrigan said with a look of mock distress.“And, I’m afraid he won’t be returnin’.”
“So, as ya can see,” Morrigan continued. “There’s really nothin’ leftfer ya here.”
“I don’t believe you.” Serenity said with a touch of indignity in hervoice. “I’m not leaving.”
“Well,” Morrigan said, mocking Serenity’s tone. “You don’t have achoice.” Morrigan reached behind the wall, and dragged a large metaltrash bin towards the door. “Ya see, I’m here ta take out the trash.”Serenity gasped, seeing the container filled with her clothing andpersonal belongings. “You wouldn’t dare!” Serenity yelled, steppingaway from the door. ‘You have no right to throw my things away, youIrish toad!”
Morrigan began to laugh, listening to Serenity’s rant. With only ashrug, she pulled the trashcan out through the front door.
“I swear Morrigan,” Serenity continued. “If you ruin a single thing,you’ll regret it, you bit…”
Serenity stopped with a gasp as she watched Morrigan lift a smallbook of matches from the pile, and with a single stroke, light the match,and toss it into the metal can. Almost instantly, the contents becameengulfed in flames. Serenity could barely contain herself.
“NO!! My things! Oh my God, what have you done!?” Serenityranted.
Morrigan laughed, as Serenity paced frantically back and forth,mumbling to herself. As the fire burned on, Serenity grew moreenraged, and after several moments of indecisiveness, Serenity ran off,leaving Morrigan alone in her amusement.

About NyteBeauti:
The epic journey of one woman's search for identity, belonging, and love.When Desta awakens each evening, all she knows is that unquenchable hunger, and a familiar pair of gray eyes. Aside from that, she doesn't remember anything... yet. It doesn't take long, before she finds herself thrust into the adventure of a lifetime (or several, as the case may be) as she dodges danger, experiences heartbreak, and ultimately, discovers herself, and true love. About Kristin: A very happily married, stay at home mother, raising two little boys. Kristin has been writing since junior high, loving all forms of the written word, including poetry, short stories, scripts and even music, but only in the last 6 or 7 years, has had the inspiration, and support, to actually have her works published.And now, that dream is coming true! With a wonderful team at PublishAmerica, to help Kristin realize this dream, and with the love and support of friends and family, she knows that this book can only do great things.


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