Thursday, November 4, 2010

Velocity by Alan Jacobson

Book Description:
FBI profiler Karen Vail returns in Velocity, national bestselling author Alan Jacobson's most explosive thriller to date. Vail's boyfriend, Detective Robby Hernandez, has seemingly disappeared into the dense air of a Napa Valley evening. There are no clues to his whereabouts, other than a blood stain -- and potential connections to a serial killer operating in the wine country.
Despite using all means at her disposal to find out what happened to Robby, Vail's efforts are thwarted until her colleague, Detective Paul Bledsoe, hooks her up with Hector DeSantos, a covert Defense Department operative who has a knack for finding difficult to locate information. But DeSantos is an unwilling partner, and other than offering superficial cooperation to pay back the debt he owes Bledsoe, he is reluctant to work his valuable informants for what he views as Vail's personal crusade to find her lover.
That is, until Vail pries loose long-buried secrets, lies, and deceptions on the part of her own task force members. It's information that even DeSantos can't ignore, a discovery of great magnitude that reveals larger forces at play -- forces which propel Vail and DeSantos into a frantic search that takes them from the wineries of Napa Valley to the monuments of Washington, D.C., the wealthy beach enclaves of San Diego, and the bright excesses of Las Vegas.

My Thoughts:
I completely enjoyed this book! It apparently starts out where the previous book in the series leaves off. Karen Vail is part of a task force that found and arrested a serial killer. One on the team tried to kill the murderer and was killed in the process. Karen's boyfriend, Robby, has gone missing and the serial killer informs them there is more to 'this' than they can imagine. And man is he right!
Wow, this book starts with intensity and keeps it the whole way through! I was a little annoyed at first to start reading basically in the middle of an on-going story, but the author never lets you feel like you are missing anything. The background you need is given and the novel stands well alone.
I loved how real all the characters are. Karen's fear, stubborness, obnioxiousness, and guilt drive her to be a crazy but wonderful character. I think every member of the task force is great. Brix, Mann, Dixon--all wonderful support for Karen Vail. My favorite character though was DeSantos. I just loved his personality. There are twists and turns through the whole book and it doesn't quite turn out how you expect it to!
5/5! This book was a great read and I plan to go buy the previous books in the series! I do have to caution that this isn't a 'clean' book, it has language, violence and other things like this so if you aren't comfortable with that, this book isn't for you.

Thank you to FSB associates for the review copy of this book. I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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