Friday, September 24, 2010

Miraculous Deception by P.I. Barrington

Book Description
Payce Halligan is nearly dead -- comatose, at the least -- when she disappears from her hospital room with no clue where she's gone. Even as he searches for his missing partner, Gavin McAllister must deal with a new, 'temporary' and hostile partner and rival for Payce, a seductive journalist, and the return of the deadly cult The New Creation.

My Thoughts
I am so glad to have read this book! This book picks up where the first in the series, Crucifying Angel, ends. Payce is hooked to the machine that has been 'tampered' with and someone is actively trying to kill her. Her partner, Gavin, is now searching for answers to more murders and having to do so with a new partner, Nick. Gavin and Nick stumble upon information that links everything back to The New Creation and Amy, a news reporter, is thrown into the mix. Payce disappears and Gavin struggles to find her and the would be assassin before it is too late.
I still love Gavin. He is such a tortured soul, but a good guy. I didn't see as much from Payce as I wanted, but she was still in the book just not the main focus. I loved the scenes between Gavin and Nick, they are so emotion filled and dramatic. Amy was a new twist as was Logan. All the characters are well developed and the story just pulls you along until you are ready to read the next book!
This is a 4/5. I very much enjoyed the book but you have to have read the first in the series for it to make any sense at all!

Thank you to the author for providing the review copy of this book. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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