Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Arrow's Hell by Cantal Fernando

Arrow's Hell (Wind Dragons MC, #2)Book Description:

Being the younger sister of a Wind Dragons MC member isn’t as great as you’d think it would be.
I can’t escape the details of my brother’s exploits.
No one tells me anything. 
Men who know who I am tend to stay away from me.
And worst of all:
The members of the MC are off-limits.
When Arrow catches my eye, I make it my mission to make him happy again. 
When I fall head over heels in love with him, I just hope he will be there to catch me.
And that my brother doesn’t kill him.

My Thoughts:
Good continuation of this series! Arrow is living in his own misery and is ok with that.  He deserves that after all doesn't he?  Then, he gets a glimpse of light in the midst of his darkness...Anna.  He knows he has to keep his hands off her.  After all, she is his brother's little sister.  The fact that she has decided to focus her attention on him and slowly draw him out doesn't mean he can have her.  Still, he can't keep his mind off of her.
I was excited to get to read Arrow's story.  I hated how he was left in the end of the first book, but it fit in great.  I liked Anna's attitude toward the whole thing.  She wanted it all and wouldn't settle for less.  She and her brother getting to know each other again is a great way for her and Arrow to get together.  I loved seeing all the characters from the first book and can't wait to read more about them in the next one!
4/5 for me.  I like this 'family' and am looking forward to reading more about them.

Thank yo to the publisher for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

**Adult Content & Language**


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