Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Incubus Tales by Laura Wright

Incubus TalesBook Description:
Two Sexy Stories. Two Insatiable Demons.
**Note: These stories were first part of the Masters of Seduction series
The Harem:
Sexy Incubus Master Scarus Vipera has grown weak, and the only thing that will strengthen him again is Rosamund, the power-rich female of the Harem. But the mysterious Nephilim is determined to leave the Harem untouched, her heart intact.

Erotic Cinderella
Incubus Casworon Trevanion likes his nights long and his bed full. But as his House's new Master, Cas's love of demon debauchery is over. Like every royal male before him, Cas's mate has been chosen and will be presented to him at the annual Seafarer's Ball. But when Cas sets his eyes on lovely stranger, Lia, all bets are off. He is meant to possess her. But will he discard his legacy when he realizes the female he desires is none other than the scarred servant who scrubs his floors?

My Thoughts:
These were both good novellas.  Scarus is an Incubus who never wanted to have to feed off a Nephilim again after what happened the last time.  Rosamund doesn't want any of the Incubus coming through the Harem to choose her but suddenly she finds herself in Scarus' bed and wanting more.  Casworon hates the tradition his family has of his family choosing his mate.  Especially when he sets eyes on Lia and has to have her.These stories were both hot.  I felt bad for Rosamund and how everything happened to her but I really liked how it ended.  I also could understand why Scarus wanted to avoid the Nephilim after what happened.  Cas likes enjoying his varied love life and doesn't have any desire to be mated to who his family chooses.  Everything works out quite well in the end!
4/5 for me.  Very enjoyable reads!
Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.

**Adult content and language**


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