Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pretty Little Werewolf by Katie Salidas

Pretty Little WerewolfBook Description:
All Giselle ever wanted was a family... that can accept her for what she is, a werewolf. 
In a world where supernatural creatures are not out and proud, this has been a problem for 16 year old Giselle. A child of the system, she's been bounced from home to home for as long as she can remember. As soon as the moon calls out her inner wolf, it's back into the system she goes.
Against the odds, a new family is found for Giselle. One that may prove the answer to all her dreams and wishes. But this family comes with a deadly secret that could send Giselle six feet under instead of back into the system.
Amid factions of warring witches and werewolves, and deadly curses with no hope for a cure, the way will not be an easy one, but if Giselle can call upon her skills as a lone wolf, she may just be able to unearth the truth keeping her from the one thing she's ever wanted... family.

My Thoughts:
Great book.  Giselle has been bounced around the system forever, but most especially in the last few years.  Apparently none of the foster families thought a werewolf fit into their family and she was quickly sent packing.  The latest family is different though and Giselle may just get the family she has always dreamed of, that is if the feud doesn't blow up and end up in all out war.  There has to be a way for her to have her happy ending without ending up in a war.
I absolutely loved Giselle.  She was strong, determined and loyal.  She had just met her new family and though she wants to join in, she has reservations because of a rival pack.  There are witches, werewolves and family issues mixed throughout.  I loved that the family was good for her but they weren't perfect.  Everyone had their role and some fit into it a bit too well.  I think the two hot guys were a great addition and exact opposites, that made her choices even more interesting.  Loved this book.
Solid 5/5.  This is a great YA book!
Thank you to the author for the review copy of this book.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.


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