Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fair to Hope by Sam Reed

Book Description:
Velma had lived two lives: her first as a former foster kid, and her second as an unlikely recruit into a secret order that satisfied her need for retribution. Her fifteen-year-old self had given up on hope, but after three years with the Taram, she’d found her life’s purpose.
That is, until she is surprisingly named Kachina, the fabled chosen empowered to fight the last battle for the fate of the world. Having to kill someone she loves was never part of the bargain, even if it means saving everyone else from damnation.
Building a normal life free from the pull of the Taram—seems like the only answer to her prayers. Except her best friend, the other Kachina, is coming. The legend is clear that one of them must die.
Velma will have to weigh the cost of her life against a world that’s constantly betrayed her and quite literally decide if she’ll be damned in dying, taking the whole world with her.
My Thoughts:
This book piqued my interest from page one.  I liked Velma, the main character and several of the other characters in the book.  The author wrote an original story that I did get pulled into and mostly enjoyed.  Velma doesn't want her destiny.  She is Kachina, but the one she has to fight is her best friend.  
The book starts out somewhat in the middle of the story and the author uses memories or flashbacks to answer questions throughout and fill us in on what has happened.  I felt a bit lost at first but excited to read more because it seemed like a great story line.  I was somewhat rooting for Velma's simple life to work out for her while knowing it couldn't.  A lot happened in this book and I wanted to love it but got bogged down in the middle.  That being said, I think it is a great concept and really worth the read.
It was a 3/5 for me.  Definitely a unique story that I plan to pick up again and reread to see what I may have missed.


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